15 August 2006


Today was going to be strange....that's how I felt as I set off for work this morning knowing that I'd be meeting up with my boss to discuss my redundancy & sort out the final terms as to my finish date and pay. It's about 125 miles down to where I make my weekly Tuesday visit to our pattern cutter & machinists so I have to leave the house extra early :( and eat my breakfast in the car!

Anyways, I kind of went about my usual routine of collecting in the work/checking it over/allocating the new work but I'm already feeling detached from the company "family"....it's weird because I've worked with these lovely people for a long time (some of them for 6+ years) and today I felt like an outsider which makes me sad. I ended up making my way home without having sorted things out with my boss as he didn't have the official paperwork with him from his accountant & so I'm still in that limbo stage (what an anti-climax!) but I have resolved to make sure I get things finalized by the end of the week with him even if it's over the phone....grrrrr!

So back to the title of today's post....and I cannot go to my bed tonight feeling glum because there were nice happenings too & that's what I want to make the focus....

:: One of our machinists, Halimat, returned to work from her holiday today & brought me an unexpected gift....a 4 piece traditional Nigerian outfit....see my funny self portrait! What a lovely suprise. There's a kaftan with trousers or skirt to wear underneath & a headscarf too. Not sure if I can carry off the whole "look" but I'm going to use them as individual pieces....such cute fabric!

:: Ciaran's boss's boss brought him some jam back from his Jersey holiday....yum!

:: I had the new Toast catalogue waiting for me when I got home....if I was to live in catalogue world there couldn't be much more of a divine existence than on the Toast pages....check out their website & drool/dream along with me!

:: Last of all I got a text message from Abi to say that Vanessa (our friend from school days) had her baby at 01:15 today....7lb 3oz & a full head of hair....welcome to the world little Margot! I just LOVE that name :)

Off to bed now. x

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Shari said...


love the nigerian fabric and toast is one of my favorite catalogs!! mine hasn't arrived yet though. take care, shari