31 August 2007


well...it's the last day of elements week + i've had fun!

having a brief to work to has got me back in the zone again + feeling v at home.

i got to find some nice folk out there through the links + i think shari did a lovely thing getting us all to play along! she shares a beautiful poem over at the glass doorknob today...just right for the last day of august.

see you in september...happy weekending!

30 August 2007

29 August 2007

28 August 2007

27 August 2007


always inspiring me + now shari has given me just the nudge i needed to get reaquainted with this journal of mine. she is hosting elements week + i've been enjoying the links to see other people's take on today's element...water

see you here tomorrow for a look at earth

08 August 2007


i've had myself a bit of the post-holiday blues

...our travel pals went home
i had to go back to work
avoiding the never-ending laundry pile
having to think about what to make for dinner
missing my siestas...

but along come things to make it all better

reason #1

marta is organising another swap
i'm signing up today

the last one was such fun to put together
i had a super-sweet swap-partner from across the pond
+ this time round the theme is right up my street
(yes i'm the girl who loved to get her pencil case restocked for the new term!)

reason #2

my lovely friend lynn sent me a suprise parcel
which landed on my doorstep
a customised cardigan wrapped in cute tissue
i can't tell you how much i love the colour
(so me!)
i feel incredibly touched that someone would
just think of me + make me something
(all that thought from a person i haven't actually met in the real world)

special thanks to you again lynn for making my day!

reason #3

on friday i'm off to my mum's house in norfolk
where we're going to be interviewed for a local magazine
about our acorn of a business venture
a very exciting prospect as it may lead to

much dreamt about commissions
+ who knows where?!


06 August 2007


whilst i unpack

here's some snaps from sardinia