30 September 2007


we went to watch a film preview this morning in cambridge...i'm not used to going to the pictures before lunch but it was a nice experience...just a little strange stepping out into the sunshine afterwards : )

i had read the book so it's always interesting to see it's translation on to the screen. both funny + moving...just right for sunday cinema. oh + with jim broadbent too...can't go wrong.

a spot of baking this afternoon...nigel slater's almond + lavender biscuits which i found through google (not sure which of his books the recipe comes from?)

after reading this interview that mentioned them i had to track the recipe down to try out...don't worry...the flavour is very subtle : )

nigel slater's lavender + almond biscuits

125 g unsalted butter
50 g golden caster sugar
100 g plain flour
100g ground almonds
2 level teaspoons lavender buds
  • whizz all the ingredients together in a food processor
  • press into a dough
  • cover + refrigerate for 4 hours
  • pre-heat oven to 150c/300f/gas mark 2
  • flour your hands + break off walnut sized pieces of dough
  • flatten into tiny rounds + sprinkle some ground almonds on top
  • lay on to lined baking sheets
  • bake for 25-30 mins until golden
  • allow to cool a little then transfer to a wire rack
(i used the last of our lavender from the garden which i've recently cut back)

perfect with a cup of tea as we sit + cheer on ireland in the rugby!

p.s. have been loving the serialisation of mr slater's new book in our sunday paper...talking tunnocks tea cakes...marmite...fish + chips...definitely one for the christmas wish list!

28 September 2007


parcels galore have been heading off from my household this week! a nice big etsy order heading over to america **beam** and so to keep the ball rolling i've re-stocked with some new bits + bobs...miranda scarf/corsage/bag + a couple of vase covers too.

september is a bit of a big birthday month with my grandma mary...ciaran's god-daughter grainne + ciaran's mum anne all celebrating. many cards have been handmade.

a nice excuse too to make something for a little girl to wear...not too girly but with just that bit of essential sparkle!

i also had a commission to make a card for a great-granddaughter's 1st birthday

meantime it's all been too tiring for bosco...autumn's here + he's taken to long lie-ins...enjoying the return of central heating!

special thanks to everyone who left a comment about my parent's cat winston on the last post...they really were touched to read all your words. xxx

16 September 2007


the awful awful feeling of losing a treasured pet...

my parents will miss their cat winston so much

i always said if he were a coffee he'd be a gingerbread latte : )

he was the soppiest softest scaredy cat...
pink nose pink paws
grapefruit eyes
we all fell head over heels in love with him
he made me sneeze but i never could resist a cuddle!

sweet dreams little winnie

07 September 2007


as promised i got down to some stitching this week...

...a scarf for late summer + heading into autumn

vintage floral print cotton with linens + a few french knots

i'm calling her elsie +
she's for sale over here today
along with a couple of other pieces

so it's another friday
how quickly these days fly by!

good things from the week...

foot watch!
here's my battered babouches...loving these step hop skip
abigail's paris (charmant)
toast wallpaper for my computer
lemon drizzle loaf in the oven right now (nigel of course!)
a date at the pictures tonight with my c (atonement or 2 days in paris?)
swap delights from hazel
hearing from my good friend fee + making plans to meet up in london

...signing off now + jumping into the weekend! x

p.s. thank you for the slipper love! a fun gift from my friend who bought them in america

05 September 2007


feet week over at mecozy

i put mine up this afternoon. i'd had my reflexology appointment so kept peaceful.

stitching tonight for friday! x

03 September 2007


yay! today i got my swap parcel!

what's inside? a lovely original hazeljoy collage card...muji pens...lots of gorgeous print + colour papers...good old pritt...a sweet pair of scissors (which have been on my shopping list for ages!)...best of all a fantastic applique felt carry case which has been handmade by hazel : )

yes my friends...i am 32 + not ashamed to say that stationery gives me a big a buzz as it did when i was 7...writing with a new pen for the 1st time? how good is that?! on a fresh sheet of paper? even better!

so today i feel well + truly spoiled with the goodies that hazel picked out for me. the tools of her trade to be exact...everything needed to create collage which is very much her speciality. i've got to know a bit about hazel through her blog + she has a wonderful talent for pattern...i'm in awe of the pieces she's made like these cushions. she's a design technology teacher (so she really will be back to school this week) + must be surrounded by all sorts of stationery goodness...sounds like a dream job!

thank you hazel for putting together my parcel...it's made my monday a very happy one!

+ thanks to marta too for organising another great swap...you can see the parcels over at her flickr group.

here's a peek of what i sent to hazel.

02 September 2007


a simple family sunday...morning stroll by the sea...delicious home cooked dinner at mum + dad's...that snoozy afternoon feeling + spending a little time with sweet winston here who makes me sneeze!

so a new season is starting...leaves falling already...the light almost different outside too...i like it

looking forward to getting creative this week + i'm setting myself a project to make an addition to my shop by friday...there you go i've said it now...you are my witness so there's no going back!!

an early night is in order here hence the short post. hope everyone's septembers are off to a good start. i definitley feel an air of positivity out there in people's words which means lots of new inspiration to share + new work to see...what could be better? xxx