31 January 2007


sometimes i feel i have to treat myself
with a little play time....

....especially when i've got a
long list of things to do
(things i'm not keen to do)

so today i planted a hyacinth bulb
in a £1 charity shop jug....

....instantly satisfying!

this wooden print block
was a suprise gift from my lovely mum
on monday

can you guess
i'm dying to try it out!!

but for now i have to get back to the must-do's
so i'm promising myself a date with it at the weekend
:: results to follow soon ::

cheerio january
(wherever you went?!)

26 January 2007


fridays come around so quickly!

it's been a chilly week with snow, sunshine
+ oh how the wind has blown....

my cold fingers that don't quite work properly :)

keeping warm....burning wood....2 pairs of socks essential

lots of tea has been drank
or is it drunk?...never sure
a bit like swam + swum
(which me + C often debate!)

anyhow....much comfort cake has been consumed too
treat of the week....double ginger cake
how i heart nigel slater

happy finds online

making me smile
this save our post office song

manda's sweetest little girl dress
the very first

happy 1st blog birthday to abigail
why i blog

a photo of beauty by claire
with bated breath

happy fabric + craft book shopping
kitty craft

wishing everyone a lovely + cosy weekend....
....until next time! x

18 January 2007


today i'm sending birthday wishes
+ lots of love
to wonderful my brother ben
+ (for yesterday) his girlfriend stacey


17 January 2007


here's the latest nest project

my mum + me are working towards an wedding exhibition in february

this third sample range will consist of a wall hanging + cushion

fabrics have been cut + waiting to be stitched

i've done a couple of illustrations
which have been printed onto cotton
(mum's going to work her embroidery magic with them before they're appliqued on)

next up for me are the illustrations of the bride + groom
plus the bridesmaids

so....as things progress + we get this completed i'll report back!

i've had a lovely couple of days with mum
....lots of planning, smiles + chatter....
always so good spending time together

p.s. wanna see the cutest hedgehog?

p.p.s happy birthday stacey!

15 January 2007


this weekend we ate cardamom coffee cake, recipe from angry chicken as part of her mailorder #5....i baked away to my hearts content whilst listening to the archers omnibus on radio 4....and then we sampled it 1) me + C with coffee and 2) me, C + grandparents with tea....scrumptious both times round! speaking of tea....i was sad to have missed the international tea party on friday which looked fun. i so enjoyed reading round the blogs involved....who drank what + lots of lovely photos of folk with their cups + saucers! not really practical to drink from but beautiful to look at....i'm loving the stitched ceramic ones by claire coles (take a peek at her her wallpaper too which is just gorgeous!)

wishing everyone a good week ahead....i have my mum coming to stay for a couple of days so will be back on wednesday. until then....x

p.s. loved eireann's post about delurking last week....i've taken a pledge to write more comments myself :)

11 January 2007


I'm lost in
....one of those weeks where
time is slipping by too fast
+ the goalposts keep moving....

....so many good things about
making me feel inspired + happy....

....the wonderful 3191 where I spied
one of my creations today *beam*
....julie's shop which opened on monday
(I made a purchase which I will soon be
admiring daily on the wall of my workroom!)

....white tulips with extras added from our garden.

shari's words which are my daily treat
....always so beautiful to read.

+ last but not least my new earrings
a gift from C....the most glorious greens
....I'm a very lucky girl! x

05 January 2007


A very special person is 81 today!

Roy....my maternal Grandfather

I think he is wonderful!

Here's a few things that I think of when I think of him....

his amazing talent for woodturning
liquorice allsorts
being the epitome of an english gentleman
all the great photos he takes
fish + chips
ballroom dancing
drying my sandy feet on the beach....ouch!
blue eyes
his huge big bear hugs
lager + lime
always always willing to help
atrixo handcream
positivity + patience
his devotion to his family

01 January 2007


How exciting it feels to be here
....a blank 2007 ahead....
waiting to be filled with experiences.