19 February 2008


still chilly here!
some call it a haw frost
some said it was snowing
but the local weather lady told us
it's official name is diamond dust

17 February 2008


chilly greetings friends...
from me + my very cold car + it's pretty ice patterns

keep warm wherever you are reading from
+ enjoy your sunday! xxx

15 February 2008


a friday at home
+ a chance to do some sewing
whilst listening to this
(shari...it made me think of you!)

paperwhites + pussy willow
in a bottle
on my desk
every time i glance at them
i can't get over how pretty they are

this is my new rita skirt
another curtain creation : )
the lacy pockets remind me of eyelashes
i liked how it turned out
so i may make another for my shop

off now to chop wood for this evening
it's going to be another chilly one here
but there's talk of nice weather coming
+ i hope to get out to my neglected garden!

enjoy your weekend whatever you get up to

11 February 2008


as ordered...
this year it's a victoria sponge
for your 34th

filled with a lot of love
(plus raspberries + cream of course)

happy birthday my sweet ciaran!
i hope i bake you cakes for many many years to come

08 February 2008


a new baby for my cousin...harvey

+ i finally got round to making him something
(from this book :: pattern by the wonderful hillary lang)

for some reason i had some trouble putting this little elephant together. my friday brain couldn't compute the instructions...but i kept going + i'm really pleased with how he turned out + c actually commented on him...he never usually notices what i'm making! now i've made my 1st softy i think i could get quite hooked + even have a go at my own design.

h is also for...hanging the washing outside (at last!)
for we have sunshine
dare i say it even feels a wee bit spring-like!

happy weekend everyone : )

04 February 2008


i had some nice stitching time on my hands this weekend

mainly thanks to cold weather
a fire to sit by
watching the rugby with c
eating rhubarb crumble

so today i've been able to update my shop
with 2 new collections
gigi (inspired by lynn)...a dressing up cuff + a corsage
rita...a shoulder bag + a corsage

happy monday everyone!

01 February 2008


february...you are a sweet month
a special birthday + of course an excuse to get romantic
first blossom on the trees
feeling that spring isn't too far away
+ pancakes to make!

i took a little look in this shop today...oh the goodies it holds!
i love the headpieces in their catalogue + they've nudged to me into thinking of a making something along this line again for some weddings we'll be going to this year

a teensy bit of snow fell this afternoon here
this sky tonight makes me wonder if we'll wake up to white in the morning? keep warm friends! i'm off to light the fire + get cosy. happy weekend! xxx