30 April 2007


a few weeks back i joined in with the mellow + yellow swap

i somehow came across marta's lovely blog + was just in time to sign up. the rules were very simple...pick a colour scheme + send some gifts...what could be better?

today i got back from work to find a parcel on my doorstep

all the way from america...from my lovely swap partner ali


i opened it up to find a host of delights
each one just the kind of thing i love
(that girl's got good taste!)
sweetly wrapped with tissue + string

in tones of sea green + a hint of bitter chocolate
(what a delectable combination)
here's what she kindly sent to me

:: an aromatherapy candle...
bergamot mint that smells so uplifting...
sat on my work desk ::

:: pretty thank you notelets with print envelopes...
it's going to be hard to part with these
...for extra special thank yous only ::

:: cucumber soap...simple + such a gorgeous colour ::

:: dotty fabric + dinky buttons...
i'll have much fun using these for a new creation ::

:: a screen-printed linen napkin which
i think i'll keep to use as a little tablecloth ::

+ handmade by ali...fabric covered thumb tacks
for my pinboard...so special...something handmade is much appreciated!
these came wrapped in a swatch of the print fabric which is going to be an ideal addition to something i'm working on right now

thank you so so so much ali!!!
it's been so nice to make a new friend
i hope my package reaches you safe + sound

you've made one happy monday! xxx

i'll post some photos of what i sent to ali
when i know she's received them
...i hate to spoil suprises! i'm off now to take a peek at
the flickr group to see what everyone else got : )

27 April 2007


can anyone tell me where this week has gone?

hmm...i have no idea...sometimes i'd like to press the pause button just to take things in for a minute...everything looks so beautiful right now...warm spring sunshine seems to be here to stay which is the best! a little round-up of my week then...

i have a bit of a purpley thing going on right now...maybe to do with the wedding we just went to where i made the stationery + carried their colour theme through to the card we gave with our gift (by the way we had a wonderful time last w'end...the new mr + mrs were super-happy...sunshine...new shoes but no blisters...lots of dancing + i kept my headpiece on until the wee hours!)

in the sitting room vase? tulips + ranunculus...each time i look at them they seem to have changed shape...fascinating...i did a little sketch + plan to develop some photos i've taken into a more stylized pattern which i might just try to print onto fabric? experimenting + enjoying it!

this is felix...our neighbour's cat who visits us at least 5 times a day...bosco is pretty laid back in his company...as you can see he's not afraid to make himself at home!

new patchwork all ready for a new creation

my coffee break enhanced by italian biscotti today
(brought back by my sweet parents from a whirlwind trip to florence)

+ as the weekend approaches we are planning to be out in the garden
:: painting the decking :: planting veggies :: birdwatching ::

have fun whatever you get up to! x

25 April 2007


...it makes me smile each time i see it!

(old family holiday snapshot of my grandad, mum, her sisters + my uncle...1970 ish)

taking a little blog break to catch up with emails
...upload photos...some card making
+ silly things like laundry : )

back on friday

p.s. can i just say WOW!! i was blown away to receive so many comments last time...the most i've ever had...thanks so much to you all...you're lovely!

18 April 2007

100 :: FINISHED!

today i bought some of these
(treats for post 100)

ooo + i finished my headpiece!

(sorry...wednesday is messy hair day too!)

thank you so much to all of you who left comments for me last time round...it's great to get feedback on a creation in progress + gave me a confidence boost to complete it for today (i needed that deadline!) after umming + ahhing i did decide to dye the netting + i'm pleased with the result. i haven't really got any other white in my outfit so it looked a bit out of place. sparkles + buttons added after a sweet nod from rebecca + lynn. i didn't use the feathers in the end...they are the perfect colour but somehow seemed too much...a very small detail but a bit like a painting when it gets overworked (you've got to know when to put down your brush!)

i really enjoyed making this...i always had an idea in my mind of what i wanted it to look like before i really knew what i was going to wear + i'm pleased with how it turned out which is a bonus indeed : ) i've been dreaming up some others in different colour combinations based on lovely fabrics + buttons i have so roll on the next wedding invitation!

(click images to see more detail)

the bag is ready too

pretty simple
just big enough for my camera + lipstick + hanky + pennies

here are the shoes

(which i haven't learnt how to make yet!)

so we're off for a bit of a weekend away near manchester for the wedding which will be lovely...next job on my to do list is the card for the happy couple + wrapping the pressie! oh + a bit of fake tan on the legs of course ; ) fingers crossed for no rain on saturday!

i feel really touched hearing from you all + getting to hear your thoughts. i have lots more to run by you so watch this space!! until next time, x kelly.

16 April 2007


join me for a cup of tea + slice of batternberg cake
...i need to pick your brains on wedding attire
+ show you a work in progress...

we are off to a wedding at the weekend
+ i'm making myself a headpiece

are you a hat person?
me? i like them

these are v nice!

here's what we're wearing
so i've gone for a mix of navy, green + turquoise
thinking i might just dye the piece of netting a pale turquoise or green
or should i leave it white?

well it's plain to see that i don't change...
here i am at the last minute making my outfit
(this is a lifelong habit!)

i have a bag to make too
so i'd better get off this teabreak + get making!!!

it's all just pinned for now but i'll report back with the finished articles
on wednesday (there...that gives me a deadline!)

(here's how it's looking with messy monday hair)

hope everyone's weeks are off to a good start!


13 April 2007


the last day of colour week
...thank you so much for kicking it all off julie!

i've really enjoyed it...sometimes i thrive on a bit of direction : )
+ it's been so lovely to see everyone's interpretations each day

...lots of new faces + blogs...

thank you to all who've left me comments over the week
it's been great to hear from you + pay a visit to where you 'live'!

hmmm...i've decided that i'm going to keep up my colour file of photos
i feel like my eyes have become tuned in again this week
+ i've rekindled a love of certain shades

here's 2 favourite artworks of mine whilst we're on the subject of red

on the road to thoiry (1970)
by peter knapp (swiss photographer, born 1931)

something about this takes me back to being a child
feeling happy + secure...a nostalgic image

oil on canvas 1988
by gerhard richter (german artist, born 1932)

this is just so beautiful
the light
the pattern
how i'd love to see the original

one last link...le ballon rouge
see a clip here

happy friday!

12 April 2007


making me feel sunny

treefall design's love of yellow + these new lines
nigella's super-easy lemon ice cream
sweet orla kiely straw dandelion tunic

looking forward to the
mellow + yellow swap
that i'm doing with ali
+ sending off her goodies soon!

last day with red tomorrow
how quick is this week flying???!


11 April 2007


finding pink in favourite things


musically speaking? today i'll listen to pink martini of course!


10 April 2007


a late entry from me!

green really is my favourite colour
hmmm...i can't seem to capture it somehow as i'd like to today

but i love so many of the gorgeous images about
including these from

if anyone else out there has the delightful book apples for jam
by tessa kiros...how apt it is this week to browse through
+ inspire...divided into colour chapters + oozing with
gorgeous photos : )

also this website with it's shop by colour facility
...love the names too!

looking forward to a pink wednesday
...join in even if you missed days 1 + 2!


09 April 2007


here's my little contribution to julie's colour week!

a photo from my archives

dirty door in kerry, ireland
(where everything is colourful!)

i just couldn't restrain myself to 1 image
....so i took these today....
my eye has been drawn to all things turquoise about the house

(sorry julie...i'll be stronger tomorrow!)

i'm really looking forward to the week as it unfolds
+ seeing everyone's contributions

why not join in too?

06 April 2007


it's me....i'm back....we just got re-connected + i'm very happy to be in contact again!

we have had no internet/email in the house for 2 whole weeks....for the 1st few days i acted calmly, thinking "what's a few days without being able to go online?"....a couple of days passed + i paid a visit to a horrible internet cafe (so I could pop my head into blogland) only to hate the environment + leave after 10 minutes....7 days passed + i finally threw a tiny bit of a wobbly (eeek!) saying to my hubby "but i can't wait another week + you surely must be able to do something (being an software engineer + all) ?!!!"....but of course i could wait....(he really couldn't do anything) + frankly i didn't have much choice being at the mercy of our broadband supplier!

so thank you all for your sweet sweet comments in my absence....it brought a big smile to my face to return to find them all waiting for me in my inbox! the 2 week gap made me realise just how much i use my computer day to day....maybe a little too much sometimes....so the lesson i've learnt is that i shouldn't rely on having everything at my fingertips just when i want it + that missing a connection to the internet was rather silly....but absence has made my heart grow fonder for the connections with the friends i have made through my blog + i'm looking forward to getting back in touch!

so what's been happening here?

well the sun has been a-shining....the clocks changed + we've got nice light evenings again : )

my sweet pea seeds are sown + currently sitting on the windowsill....veggie seeds to be potted this weekend along with some lavender + rosemary to be planted in the garden in this perfect weather.

i have plasters on my heels from wearing summer shoes (shock-horror with no socks!) on soft winter feet!

i got round to making that skirt i had on my to-do list. i used a nice turquoise linen that's going to match lots in my spring/summer wardrobe....after some pattern-tweeking i got the fit just right so i'll be sewing a couple more once i've found some fabrics....i'm on the hunt for a great print (cheap if poss) if anyone's got suggestions?

baking has been very basic....not really baking actually but mixing....how could i not make chocolate nests for easter?! very kitsch i know but they are an essential in our home....the house of mini egg addiction : )

i visited my lovely friend abi at her new business venture....a tea room in a lovely walled garden....easton walled gardens to be exact + wow....what a wonderful place to be working! i'm planning lots more trips there over the summer....taking my grandparents + definitely a day of sketching with my mum. so many potential subjects + i'll be heading back to this gate for sure : )

i met a v cute dog called mole who lives in the gardens!

please bear with me as i take a bit of time over the weekend to catch up + get in touch again....i'm all behind on your goings-on so i need lots of tea + easter eggs by my side as i write emails + read blogs!

until next time have a great weekend everyone....hooray, it's an extra long one for us here! x