29 October 2007


these were for sale in a bucket outside a house in our village

how could i resist?
so nice to buy flowers grown round the corner + with a few extras from the garden it makes £1.50 go a whole lot further than it would at the florists!

happy monday!
normal posting resuming soon...we have family over to stay from ireland this week so i'll be back after halloween with tales of tricks + treats xxx

19 October 2007


new in the shop today...if a little sparkle takes your fancy

i used to make these for dancers in my old job as part of their costumes but i like to make more subtle versions these days...let me introduce you to...

audrey...violet + bonnie respectively

i've started naming my pieces based on fabrics :: colourways i use (ok i confess...because it's fun to think up names too!) + have lots more goodies up my sleeves + in my sketchbook to add on the run up to the holiday season...just need to get them from paper to sewing machine!

friday afternoon already here...
i guess the weekend's ready to take my hand
...your's too? have a lovely one! xxx

17 October 2007


taking a little lunchbreak walk

:: wall to wall sunshine ::
:: chilly enough for my new fingerless handknit gloves ::
:: a couple of natural treasures ::
:: hearing the leaves rustle like they're creeping up behind you ::
:: the clearest blue skies ::

enjoying a perfect autumn day
so good to stop + take it all in!

p.s. wish you could have come with me mum...get well soon xxx

08 October 2007


re-stocking my shop little by little
...today some lavender filled bookmarks

happy monday xxx

07 October 2007


weekends go too quick!

i'm holding on tight to sunday evening as it turns into sunday night...

we've had a lovely one though
spending an evening with my aunt + uncle
chatter :: laughter :: delicious dinner
(rosemary...you're the best cook!)

today i bought some felt to make some new bookmarks
trying to ignore the christmas decorations as i browsed

ciaran had a guitar lesson + so
i took a little time...very little infact...to make a lazy crumble
feeling all girl-guidey as i found some prepared topping in the freezer.

i love how i had all the components for a scrummy dessert here in the house. normally i find myself having to go out to get what i've taken a notion to cook on a sunday. this time we'd been given some apples from friends so that got the ball rolling...sometimes i'm too quick to go out to the shops + i think i'm going to try + be a bit more resourceful with what's already in the cupboards/freezer. weekend time speeds along fast enough + spending it in a supermarket queue is something i'm going to aim to cut out for 2 precious days...i can but try : )

i had fun chatting to julie today on instant messenger
(my first go...yes i'm a very late starter!)
how amazing to make that spontaneous contact across the world

+ to my delight the return of strictly come dancing on telly
...a special place in my heart for ballroom + latin dancing
thinking back to my days surrounded with sparkles
(how could working with anton amongst others be anything but a happy memory!)

a new week about to start
some new plans + projects too
see you back here for more

03 October 2007


i can't tell you how excited i was to get my post this morning

a grey + drizzly morning was forgotten about as i had this package to open

which i did very very slowly
(such lovely wrapping)

i've been dreaming of treating myself to something made by abigail for a long time + since i made an etsy sale of my own last week i thought i'd celebrate by heading over to her shop...her pieces are truly beautiful + i love her latest simple styles...when i see a new post of hers pop up in my bloglines i always know i'll get a hit of inspiration!

so without further ado i put on my new earrings + ring + baked gingerbread

with a bit of lemon icing

tested + given the ok by my grandma + grandad c + me!

other happy news from my part of the world...the magazine came out this week here with an article on my mum + me + our little business. we're really pleased with it + hope the coverage will bring us some new orders In the run up to christmas. which makes me think i really should get a head start on making some gifts for my loved ones (like this pinny) time to start a list!