28 January 2008


we have had an extra fur boy in the house for a few days
mr freddy pumpkin

he's a bit tricky to catch on film

but when he sits still he's terribly cute

23 January 2008


a little contribution to shari's winter whites week
at the glass doorknob
an old fake fur jacket that my dad bought my mum years back

a bit grubby...but it warms my heart to think of how beautiful my mum must have looked in it...feeling totally glamourous i'm sure...for years it has lurked in dressing up boxes various but i took advantage of it for a winter party outfit just before christmas.

lots of wonderful photos around as part of this project. i love this this + this.

20 January 2008


i can't quite settle with my template
(as you might have guessed!)

i'm still adjusting
but for now have settled on a new arrangement
going back to a once-liked formula

this year i joined a flickr group
project 365
where i'm posting a photo a day
that'll be 366 this year then
here's a couple of my january contributions

i'm noticing how muted all the colours are
which i suppose is down to the winter light here
next week i'm looking forward to seeing more winter whites
over at the glass doorknob + all around

16 January 2008


5 reasons to be cheerful

thinking it was actually 4.30pm when i took this
the days are definitely getting longer : )

buying ingredients to try out a new recipe courtesy of abigail

finding this website
...falling in love with kate's sketchbook
+ buying something from her shop
for 2 special people who have a birthday this week

getting the new boden catalogue in the post
great colours like sulphur : rouge : grass : thistle
oh + these cute print bookmarks that i'm using for my wishlist!

downloading some new free fonts
loving ecolier : 3rd man + a la nage

happy wednesday!

p.s. thanks for the comments on my print play too...
i shall report back with further fabric progress
right now it's taken on the form of a postcard

11 January 2008


i have been experimenting today as you can see

i'd really like to push myself a bit more creatively this year + get to finding my handwriting again when it comes to style. this seems like a good start + i have some ideas to go forward in this kind of direction. something to combine a love of illustration...print...stitching

reflecting on this + wanting to do something similar but on a new level

my beginning here was a photo by hazel. the colours + shapes. so a special credit needs to be given for that shot of inspiration i needed. i'm still playing around with the idea of adding more detail or using a more abstract base (like the middle one) to embellish. i'd like to eventually stretch them on little frames.

actually...i think the middle one is going to be the best to work with even though it's just the reverse of the illustration scanned in!

07 January 2008


i'm sitting here with a cup of tea + slice of christmas cake
(thank you rosemary)
which i have to say i am totally enjoying!

i was at my post office job this morning. c is back to work too which by his own admission he was ready for. so i'm feeling the joys of being back to normal round here.

got some laundry done + cleaned the bathroom. even a spot of birthday sewing/card making for megan...i'm hoping her nintendo ds thingy will fit in the purse i made? we're a bit cut off from the world of toys so i had to take a guess!

bosco still can't quite stir into action though
i think he has the monday blues!

02 January 2008


today my brother starts on an adventure
after years of jobs that he didn't like doing
he's off to be a runner at maidstone studios

ben...i take my hat off to you for not giving up on your dreams

what a great way to start the year! yes...you may be about to live on your home grown veggies for the forseeable future but they're going to taste good knowing that you're on the road to doing what you've always wanted!

i'm very proud of you. love from your big sister xxx

01 January 2008


may i take this opportunity to wish anyone who takes the time to pay me a visit here a very happy new year! i'm looking forward to much more of the inspiration + friendship that i feel lucky enough to have found with you all over the past 12 months + beyond.

we saw in 2008 from the comfort of our home...the first time we've ever done this i think. usually we've been out galavanting somewhere : ) shivering whilst trying to find a taxi in the early hours...all great new years in themselves but i like how this one's taking shape already.

we cooked together. sat by the fire. had a wee glass of champagne + sang along with jools.

it's been nice to take things easy. to have some time to reflect on the year that's just passed + think about the new one ahead. i have a good feeling about it. little projects. big projects. some just for me + some to share. xxx