21 December 2006


We had my Mum drop by last night with our presents for under the tree....plus delicious home-made mince pies + some Lebkuchen (my favourite!)....she's the best!

As we'll not be together on Christmas Day we decided to have a little early opening ceremony :)

Mum loved her new lightbox which I'd made a few weeks ago. We've discussed on many occasions how handy it would be to have one (instead of trying to trace through paper up against a window pane) so this year I set to making one with some priceless help from my clever Grandad + the local glass + wood merchants. I also made her a pouch for audiobook cds which have become an essential for the long drives she's making each week. 2 other little gifts have been saved for the proper day!

We got some wonderful goodies which I'll write about post-Christmas....as always we've been spoiled rotten by our loved ones + we are very very lucky folk :)

Last day at work for me before the holiday + this is a scarf which I made for my boss at the Post Office....I'd managed to subtley ask what colours she likes to wear + think this will really suit her. They got me some chocs + wine + let me leave a few hours early today....such lovely people to work for!

Tonight I'm wrapping up gifts for the family in Ireland. We fly tomorrow so packing the suitcase later. The fog is still bad around our neck of the woods so fingers crossed that our flight will go as planned....

I'll not be about now for a few days whilst we're off being festive....so I'll sign off with Happy Christmas Wishes to everyone reading! Eat, drink + be merry! xxx Kelly.

19 December 2006


Foggy + Frosty + Dark
....a day for staying in....
lighting the fire + drawing the curtains!

18 December 2006


Today we got home after a short + unexpected few days in Ireland (sadly for a funeral) + I had this lovely package waiting for me from Lynn + Stella....now I maybe should have waited one more week to open it but I was too excited!

I am now the proud owner of this cute felt needlecase....a Florence Hope original no less + I'm delighted to have a piece of their work! (In my favourite colour combination pink + green!)

Thank you so much ladies for my pressie....I love it :)

I decided to treat myself to one of Camilla's calendars for 2007. She has the sweetest little gift tags to download from her blog at the moment too + I can't wait to use them on the parcels we'll be giving to the little ones this Christmas!

Hope that everyone who is preparing for Christmas is more on the ball than me! I have a million + 1 things to do/sew/decorate/shop for + wrap....so best get back to it before we head back to Ireland on Friday! x

12 December 2006


It's good to be back.

Things have been busy. When I've grabbed my ten minutes of treat time I've been blog reading instead of blog writing :)

Getting to that time of year when the days are running by so fast + lots to do before Christmas. Our tree is dressed. Bosco makes a daily ritual of naughtily jumping up + knocks the needles flying....it is a tease though with it's little bird ornaments beckoning!

Our Christmas cards are all done. I had fun with a potato print + after some experimenting I ended up with these. Help as always was on hand from Bosco when I came to write inside them....

Simple + sparkly + on a tree theme.

Hope everyone's having a good week. I've been working extra shifts in the Post Office....as you'd imagine it is crazily non-stop this time of year with what seems to be a never-ending queue. Looking forward to a day at home tomorrow....just me, the radio + sewing machine....no crowds....orange + clove oils burning....lots of festive making. Until next time! x

02 December 2006


The first weekend of December + so today we went Christmas Tree Shopping! Probably a little early for some (my Hubby included) but I like to get into the cheery season + enjoy it. We always go to the same tree people in the next village along....I usually dither over which shape looks good....umming + ahhing whilst C gets impatient! But today I chose quickly + chose well....we got it home + it looks so beautiful in our sitting room even in it's state of undress :)

Shame a bulb has blown in one of the sets of lights....I went to buy a replacement but got the wrong size so no decorations can go on today. I got the box out anyway + it's always lovely to look through them all....such a treat to find the ones you forget you had. So in the next few days we'll be looking very Christmasy in our house....more pics to come when it takes shape.

My Mum made us this gorgeous garland for the front door as she does every year....all with foliage cut from our garden. It's very herby with lots of rosemary + lavender! I love it.

Me + my Mum helped to put the tree up at my Grandparent's house on Friday. Some of their decorations are so old + it's very nostalgic looking at each one....whisking me back to my childhood....such happy times together.

Last of all I made my 1st sales from my online shop! So exciting! I wrapped them up today + they're now crossing the many miles to USA. And how I love wrapping things up....such a pleasure in life. Back tomorrow. Happy weekend everyone! x