25 May 2007


it's been a while since i posted...things are a trifle busy around here...me + my mum have been getting ready for an arts + crafts fair this weekend which fingers crossed will be a little more fruitful than the last wedding fair we did back in february! it should be a pleasure anyway seeing as it's set at the lovely national trust house felbrigg hall in norfolk. we are sneaking along our sketchbooks just incase of quiet moments! hoping to return with at worst...some new doodles + at best...with an order : )

i have a few celebrations coming up which is always good...a birthday for me + one for my blog too! my plan is to come back a year older + with a fresh blog look for summer...i haven't forgot that i still owe a holiday story amongst other goings-on-tales...so see you back here soon! until then i'd like to send good wishes out there to my blogging friends that i've been very much neglecting lately...i've hardly had a minute to be in touch with you so here's a hello...i'll be in touch soon! wishing everyone a lovely weekend + for those lucky folk who have an extra day-off on monday here in the uk...enjoy it even if it rains...how could it?! xxx

14 May 2007


please excuse this short post
(i'm having difficulties with uploading photos)

so until normal service resumes...here's a word from my sketchbook!

13 May 2007


i'm home

it's rainy here today + what better excuse than to stay indoors?

unashamedly i have eaten a breakfast of lots of coffee + toast
(with lime curd made yesterday)

this afternoon?
i'm going to light the fire
watch an old film
read the papers
snuggle on the sofa with c + b
listen to new guitar tunes
sing songs we heard at a concert last night
eat a buttery herbed roast chicken
enjoy the comforts of home

back to work
+ back here
with tales of my holiday


02 May 2007


(just a little goodbye)

i'm off for a weeks holiday in spain with
my mum
my aunt rosemary
my cousin victoria

don't worry...bosco has been left to keep c company!

back shortly with tales to tell

p.s. happy birthday to my lovely mum!

01 May 2007


my faith in the post people has returned!

having sent parcels off overseas with trials + tribulations
today my swap package arrived super-fast
+ safely in the hands of ali in america

so this is a little show + tell of what i sent to her

on a similar turquoisey colour scheme to the goodies she sent to me

a handmade-by-me tote
2 little glass votives
some refreshing herbal tea
a home-mix of mellow tunes cd
living etc magazine

+ so pleased that she likes everything!