20 February 2007


so what's been happening?


....blossom is beginning to peek out in cambridge

other than that i haven't a lot to report....

....just some things that i'm liking right now

clocks II
+ more gorgeous prints by angie lewin
i plan to look out her fabrics too
when i'm next in norfolk at st. jude's

the new toast collection
making me think of
shari's praire walk
beth orton

the sweetest pocket
+ all in the two trees shop

listening to
peter bjorn and john

this photography blog

ooo + because it's pancake day here
we ate these tonight with pretty rhubarb + vanilla ice cream

so cheerio for now
this week's a busy one
getting ready for
something at the weekend
(nest has a stand at a wedding fair)

so i'll be
back with news
next week


17 February 2007


i feel like i'm very late
to join in on this
(+ a little reluctant)

but hey....i was tagged
so i'd feel rude not to have a go

so here are 6 weird things about me

number 1
as much as i love all things
colourful....i just can't bring myself to drink out
of cups that aren't white on the inside

number 2
in the privacy of my own home
i've been known to wear
socks + flip flops
in a japanese style
(it all started with my muji toe socks)
so comfy

number 3
in the school play
i was the baddie's girlfriend
in bugsy malone....
....i sang at the audition
in front of everyone
(i was desperate to be blousey brown)
but i got a non-singing part
enough said

number 4
i normally have 3 on the go
i can't seem to be patient enough
not to start a new one
when i haven't finished another
like tonight
i know i'm going to start reading the book i bought today
i'm already halfway through 2
(this is also the case with my creative projects)

number 5
i like to wear my husband's aftershave

number 6
i am officially a scaredy cat
the older i get the worse it's becoming....
....i'm the sort of person who doesn't like
to freewheel on my bicycle downhill
or drive very fast
but what's strange is that when i was younger
i did actually
go pot-holing
qualify as a scuba diver
learn to abseil
so what's happened to me?

so that's my 6 things
were they really weird?

oh well....back to normal on monday!

16 February 2007


a quick
friday night hello
to call out
the valentine bookmark draw

c picked the following
completely at random

orange blossom goddess

(i made a 4th one)

if i had had time
i'd love to have made one
for everyone who
....thanks so much
for writing such
lovely words

i'm going to restock
my etsy shop
have an update
in march
(with bookmarks, cat quilts, button magnets + some jewellery)
so watch this space for more news

happy weekend wishes everyone!

14 February 2007


hours fly
flowers die.
new days,
new ways
pass by;
love stays.

henry van dyke

may i wish you all
a very happy valentine's day

i hope you
tell your loved ones

just how much you love them

how sweet today
to hear
this duet
this love list
to see
this heart

to show my affection
to all the lovely folk who leave me comments
(thank you lovely folk)
i made 3 valentine bookmarks today
filled with a little lavender
from my garden
on friday
my lovely assistant c
will draw 3 names
from the comments page
for me to post them to!
(anywhere around the world)

i'll be back on friday
to announce the

with love to all who read

11 February 2007


to my ciaran

who is 33 today
(the 13th birthday i've spent with you!)

gifts with breakfast
guitar playing
irish stew+ red wine
watching the rugby
honey birthday cake
february sunshine
(ordered especially!)

with all my love
happy happy wishes
for today
every day ahead together


07 February 2007


a little note to say
i'll be away for a couple
of days....

....off to norfolk to spend
time with my mum

our plans?
(snow permitting)
*working on our nest project*
*1 day life-drawing class*
*visit to the cinema*
*tea + treats*

i have brand new pastels
+ i'm all excited!

so, until i'm back....xxx

05 February 2007


the postlady delivered
a very special parcel
to me today....

....all the way
julie in israel!

the alfalfa bug box is from her handmaid shop + is now hanging in my workroom....it 's actually close-by my computer + it's nice to think i have it here in my home as i pay my daily visits to her blog. i love all the found papers that she uses + of course the handpainted butterfly tile....

....she also sent me this new piece which i'm all excited about....how fabulous is this wall brooch???! now....i think that the concept of wall jewellery alone is wonderful....but add the sweet colour + textural pattern too....i couldn't be more delighted with it :) thank you dear j!

isn't it just so good how we make these connections through our blogs? when i started mine last year i would never have guessed that i'd end up communicating with such inspiring + lovely people from all over the world....it encourages me to keep creative + makes me feel touched by friendship....very special indeed.

a few other specials

this donna hay recipe
for some reason i have a desire to eat
something delicate + pretty

shari's polaroids
beautiful blossom in the snow

itching to see this film
try out what do you dream?
me? i'm a creative savant apparently!

reading about a new allotment project
+ thinking what veggies we'll grow
in our garden this year

until next time, x

02 February 2007


it's been so sunny + spring-like today in this part of the world....makes me feel happy!

having finished off a big wedding stationery project for some friends i've been pottering about this morning + decided to take a trip 3/4 mile down the road to our nearest town for some groceries....including chocolate for weekend-treat-baking later :)

i ventured into the antiques shop there to take a look at their vintage buttons. the owner saw me wearing my button necklace in the post office the other week + invited me to take a look in the shop next time i was passing....

....twelve 1930s green buttons came home with me today....so many lovely ones to chose from but i'm a sucker for anything green! i'm not sure where they'll end up but i am sure that i love love love them + i think i'll be back for more! (actually i think they may become posh fridge magnets as the colour looks so good in our kitchen....if they work out i think i'll do some sets for my etsy shop.)

baking update :: river cottage cookies :: have been baked + sampled by the baker...me! (with compusory afternoon tea of course!)

so the 1st february weekend's just around the corner....enjoy it whatever you're up to! x

01 February 2007


lucky me....
....february has brought me goodies!

the nicest parcel arrived today
with fabrics to make me feel
giddy with delight

two japanese craft books
with so many gorgeous ideas
plus patterns
for all things lovely
(more from inside another day)

blogger seems to have been
in a bad mood today
i've struggled to leave comments
so thank you to the nice folk
who dropped me an email instead....
....hearing from you really makes my day :)