29 November 2006


I drove into Cambridge today to meet C for lunch + to buy some stationery bits for wedding invites I'm working on.

I was very sad to see that Noa Noa has closed down....it's one of my favourite clothes shops there. I haven't been for a while so I made it my 1st port of call but when I strolled up happily to the door + found it all empty I was gobsmacked....as was another girl who joined me in peering through the window for signs of life + more importantly lovely garments....we shared a mutual where/what/how/oh no! then wandered off in a bemused manner.

On a happier note I got inspired by more great colour combinations along the way....here's another tag set which is for sale.

28 November 2006


In praise of these 2 colours....I have to agree with Manda that these shades make me v. happy....I suppose I sometimes forget to associate them with the festive season but suddenly they just look so right together....I'm even wearing them!

This photo story comes from The Observer Magazine a few weeks back. Etch-a-Sketch in all it's glory....loving the bauble garland + I'm even close to buying that tool box for my husband!

So....being on the verge of making our Christmas cards I think I'm going to plump for this combination....looks good with brown paper too :)

I'm making some gift tags sets which will be on sale in my online shop on Wednesday.

I'd like to say a special thank you to lovely Shari who featured an interview with me on Tuesday....I feel really touched to be have been asked to take part + I'm looking forward to reading about all the other artists through the week. x

27 November 2006


I'm happy to report that I've managed to get some extra pieces ready to go into my online shop tomorrow....some new corsage brooches + a little tote bag too. Some other stocking fillers will be stocked by the end of the week once I get a clear hour (or 5??!) to load them up on to Etsy :)

I'd recommend a trip over to The Glass Doorknob this week where Shari is doing a special Handmade for the Holidays feature. Fantastic interviews today with Abigail, Lisa + Ash....I so enjoyed reading about them all + seeing their work. I am absolutely thrilled to be one of the interviewees on Tuesday....interviews normally scare me (job-related) + this was the 1st one I've actually been excited about!

21 November 2006


Goodies in a cake stand....ready to sell at Cafe Leo by the till.

Key fobs, corsages + new marble magnets....hopefully someone might want to pick up a festive stocking filler whilst paying for their coffee :) I'm planning to add some of these knick-knacks to my Etsy shop this weekend too.

I succumbed to a new festive decoration today whilst in a local DIY store....very cute jingle bells....now I know for sure that I don't need them but hey ho....I can see them being left up all year round as the fairy lights in our dining room have from last year! This kind of behaviour drives my husband a teensy bit crazy....but he does very well to keep quiet about it most of the time + lets me surround us with lots of nice things that we don't need but are pleasing to the eye. He has a motorbike which drives me crazy with worry so we are definitely evens!

20 November 2006


My brother + his girlfriend moved in to their new place today.

I'm sending them wishes of happy times aplenty!

Here's the card I made.
(using my old favourite letrafilm, machine stiching + collage)

Back tomorrow with more to say :)

17 November 2006


Liam's birthday package which I'm about to take down to the Post Office.

He's not a reader of Nesty **hee hee** so I feel I can spill the beans + say that he has a pair of walkie talkies on the way to him in Ireland. No handy wrapping paper suitable for a wee boy so I've had a little play with paint + potato stamps this afternoon under the influence of Paula via Julie :) and think I'll have a go with fruit next time....

That lovely morning sky turned into drizzly grey so it's been a stay in kind of day here. Happy weekend wishes to everyone whatever you get up to!


A funny night's sleep....
I've been awake since 0415am with a fizzy mind.

Many lists have been made....many biro doodles too.

Time for another cuppa.

Worth the tired eyes for the chance to see this sunrise.

15 November 2006


November sunshine greeted us this morning....absolutely beautiful! I actually sat outside & had my hot drink before breakfast....taking some time to just sit, look & listen.

It's been a while since my last post. It was very heartwarming to read such kind, funny & encouraging comments & I'd like to extend my thank yous once more to those of you who took a moment to write something....it gave me a real boost. Just to hear how I'm not alone when I'm wondering how to juggle things really helps :)

So back to today....our supper's now cooking on the stove....another favourite Nigel Slater recipe....mmmmm aubergines! Served with a big huge helping of hummus....me & C will be reeking of garlic tonight. I am planning on baking date & walnut biscuits in the next few days (recipe kindly sent to me by lovely Julie) once I've found some date spread....no joy in the hunt at the supermarket so I may end up trying to make some instead.

Creations today?...more fabrics corsages for Abi's cafe. Should be all finished tonight when I'll be stitching the brooch pins on by the fire. I'll post a picture of them tomorrow....until then hope everyone's having a good week so far! x

08 November 2006


After working extra shifts in my newish day job at the Post Office I've not had much craftytime of late but am pleased to report that I had a "free" day today and so to work on a batch of corsages for Cafe Leo.

I actually shouldn't be saying "free" day....it's hard to explain but I suppose I should call them "job days" too. Since being made redundant a few months back I'm now trying to get a balance of going out to work part-time for a few pennies whilst working on creative things too. This is my opportunity to actually make a go of starting up a little business of my own (& of course with Mum too in the form of our memory quilt projects) but I have to admit that I'm finding it hard to get into a routine. It's such a treat to be able to be having a go at all this....after doing my degree & getting a job I slowly saw my (professional) creative side taking more & more of a back seat. So much so that years passed & I ended up in a role that hardly required a single drop of artistic merit and that did make me sad....

Sorry to ramble off on a tale of woe folks....I think it's done me good to write it down....I just had a moment of reaching for the delete key but I'd like to use this post to remind myself that I'm really lucky to be in this position at last of being back in a creatively happy place. If it wasn't for the amazing love, encouragement & support of my hubby, family & friends I don't know if I'd really have the means to try this out and for that I'm so grateful. Maybe one day I'll earn enough to let C become a house-husband, or at least employ him as company secretary :)

So I'm making a little promise to myself tonight to keep the foot on the pedal! x

05 November 2006


(photo taken by my glamorous assistant Ciaran)

bonfire party with our neighbours
mulled wine....hic!
chilli & rice
fireworks galore
lots of oooohs & aaaahs & wows!
cats & dogs safe inside
beautiful cold clear night skies

hope everyone else reading has had a nice weekend :)

p.s. happy birthday to my lovely friend lynsey! xx

03 November 2006


Friday is my day to bake our weekend cake. Today's recipe was kindly sent to me by the lovely Gigibird & as she promised it turned out to be fabulous! I can't believe how easy it was to make & my hubby now thinks I am officially a Domestic Goddess once more (after that bad coconut cake incident!) The recipe comes from Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book which I'm now going to search for on ebay :)

I got out some Christmas fabric today to get me in the mood to start my crafty projects for the season. What is it about piles of fabric & cats? No sooner had I turned my back....Mr Bosco settled himself down for a nap!

Anyway folks....not much to write about today (shame as it's my 50th post) but I'll be back with tales of Bonfire Night & our weekend soon. Until then cheerio! x