28 June 2007


this is what i've been up to on my day off work
(a spot of furniture-tarting-up)
in dulux eggshell shade willow creek 2

as i was happily painting away i was thinking of how my love of colour has grown all the more since i started this blog. i've been hugely inspired by other people's use of colour...see here + here + here...plus i've really immersed myself in it as a subject on several occasions e.g. joining in julie's colour week and marta's mellow + yellow swap.

looking back i think i always surrounded myself with/wore/used some colour day to day...steering clear of darker shades + black...but recently i'm embracing colour all the more...it lifts my mood no end. when we moved into our house the walls pretty much all got painted white (along with a lot of bits of furniture too which became a bit of a joke to my husband) but slowly there's been an injection of colour into each room. there's still a whole lot more i'd like to do but i'm glad i held back + waited for each corner to speak out as to what shade it needed to be. hope everyone's having a good week...the sunshine has been peeking out today here : )

26 June 2007


hello from a chilly england
(where has our summer gone?!)

a full day working at the post office for me
a quiet shift without many customers
+ time to dream of lovely things

france on my mind for some reason...
looking forward to watching this film
...making a mental note to take my mum out
to eat la duree macaroons sometime soon
...how i love these childrens clothes so
+ remembering alodie day's blog that i stumbled on recently
(such a beautiful name)

wishing it would get a little sunnier...bosco in the flower bed

25 June 2007


whilst i haven't been blogging much of late...
...i have been faithfull to my sewing machine!

a couple of new summer skirts now reside in my wardrobe

the green one above brings me a feeling of joy because i love the colour + print + can i tell you a secret? it used to be a habitat tablecloth! i had the pleasure of happening upon it in the window of a local charity/thrift shop...i popped straight in to find out what it was + delighted in discovering to see it was a nice big bit of fabric with 6 napkins all for a few pounds. i'm wondering now as i sport it around town if some local person does a double take when they see what their tablecloth turned into?!

this next one reminds me of manda at treefall...maybe because of the colour combination. it's a linen mix...i know it'll be crumply which i do rather like + i'm hoping i can wear it next weekend for a certain garden party that we're going to at my grandparent's house. there's going to be some croquet playing + some trifle eating + somehow this skirt seems to speak summer garden party to me...am i loony or do clothes speak to you too? i made both skirts from a trusty pattern which i know i'll use + re-use until the day it falls to pieces or i've eaten way too much trifle whereupon i shall incorporate an elasticated waistband into the design!

+ on the subject of clothes
...have you seen the adorable tops at tulip and nettle?
this one + this one are particular favourites of mine right now

2 posts in 2 days? i'm feeling back in the groove : )
hope everyone's weeks are off to a good start
+ thanks for welcoming me back with open arms


24 June 2007


...so it's been a while
+ somehow the longer i stayed away
...the harder it seemed to come back

days rolled by
+ i felt slightly tentative about sitting down to write something
becoming happy just to take in what everyone else was up to on the blogging network

may i make a confession?
i've also 2timed my blog by getting wrapped up in facebook!

but this evening i felt like i wanted to say hello again!
with a little bit of a summer makeover
(even though the rain's drizzling down here)

i'm looking forward to making a regular date with my blog again
tomorrow + all this week for some fresh posts
(putting the love back into our relationship!)

12 June 2007


three years ago today ciaran + me got married

a hot hot hot sunny day in norfolk surrounded by our loved ones
(the first time our parents met each other!)

i felt so wonderfully happy
(i still do)

weddings on my mind lately...my lovely friend lynsey just got engaged
(talking about dresses...invitations...flowers with her...bliss!)

enjoying a catch up with favourite blogs...
this beautiful day caught my eye...this one made me laugh
...i noticed that little special + ali have been celebrating too
+ janet is about to (when she's finished sewing 200m of bunting!)