31 December 2007


a very merry time was had by us here

it's been so nice to see that others have too as i read through my bloglines subscriptions

i must have been exceptionally good this year ;) as i had a whole host of wonderful gifts on christmas morning! here's 2 of my many favourites...a beautiful handpainted box (by my mum) from my parents which will be used to store our decorations in...so much better than the carrier bags they've sat in for years + so special as i know what love went into it.

ciaran spoiled me rotten. he's so good at buying me presents! i had some great new drawing pens with a new sketchbook. perfume that whisked me back to our 1st date...i haven't worn it in so long so it's lovely to feel 19 again! i was also delighted to open a tiny box that revealed this necklace by abigail...wow...i love it to bits.

the best thing though was just being together
...cooking/singing/laughing together + having a pretty chilled out holiday! oh + playing with this little fella : )

and now 2008 is just hours away
which fills me with excitement for possibilities + adventures that a new year can bring

...i have so much i want to acheive + share
and it all starts tomorrow!

13 December 2007


i might be up to my ears
working all day in the post office + back home tonight to write out our christmas cards...

...but there's always time to nip into a charity shop on a lunchbreak!

i'd gone in looking for inspiration for a party we're off to tomorrow night...the theme is white...clothes :: food :: drink :: decor...i'm looking forward to it now we have our outfits planned (thanks to some wardrobe rummaging...at last my hoarding feels justified!) photos to come as evidence of us looking angelic ; )

needless to say i came out with nothing for the party but couldn't resist a big vintage tin for £1 that holds so many button treats i couldn't contain myself! i love that it's from maidstone...that's where my brother lives these days way down south. i also went a bit curtain crazy + now have these drying on the clothes horse. i have a plan to make a couple of winter skirts. am i going a bit sound of music? i just saw some potential + as i can't afford anything from here i'll try + create a little homage to something like this instead.

hang on a minute...haven't i got a million things to do already?! good job shari's on hand to give good advice today.

12 December 2007


it's crispy + cold outdoors
i have a day off + i'm having the best time
cosy in my studio
radio on + singing away
bosco by my side in hibernation mode
scented candle burning

a few ticks on the long list of things to do
including our christmas cards
yes i've kept the potato print theme for another year
with some stitching detail this time
to represent the flat landscape that surrounds us

i started off with a uniform row of trees
but i'm starting to like a bit of random spacing

best get back to my production line!

(love leya's homemade cards)

updated to show you another colourway
gold + rose
can you tell i'm having fun?

11 December 2007


at the end of our day trip to london last week me + my mum made a little visit to the v+a where we came upon a small exhibition called out of the ordinary: spectacular craft

just a handful of pieces...i felt drawn to the simplicity of some of the works there + inspired in particular by these artists

what we thought at first was ordinary work equipment left in the corner...but on taking a second look revealed a beautiful use of mother of pearl inlay. rawlplugs made of diamonds + gold. paint splatterings hand embroidered on to dust sheets.

catherine bertola
these patterns are so delicate + unbelievably some are created in dust. i love the super subtle colours...haunting.

speaking of his own work "there are no goals as such, just that i can make it better next time" i love this quote. his amazingly realistic wood carvings appear from unexpected places. we saw the most divine magnolia growing from a pristine white gallery wall.

this feels like a strange post for me. it's so rare that i go to any exhibitions these days. this one made me think i should go to more + to explore a bit more what's out there. i'm feeling a resolutions list taking shape for 2008 already!

10 December 2007


i have had more than a little help in getting our house in festive spirit...my very talented mum has made us this door hanging + beautiful table decoration (which looks lovely at night with the candle glowing) she makes these for family + friends as well as to sell at a market for the flower club she belongs to. using greenery + dried hydrangeas from her garden. how lucky are we?

so whilst my christmas fairy has been working her magic...we (yes me + c) made 3 dozen mince pies today...having made a load of suet-free mincemeat at the weekend...more dozens to be baked + scoffed over the next few weeks...maybe a frangipane version next batch?

oh...heard my 1st christmas song on the radio today too!
happy monday xxx

09 December 2007


a lovely london day out with mum

gazing at twinkly lights
getting aquainted with uniqlo
eating christmas sandwiches with parsnip crisps
becoming smitten with everything in liberty
(these trimmings had to come home with me)

at the risk of sounding crazy i'm going to aim to post each day for a week...probably the busiest time of year + all but lots going on creatively + my mum did mention that it's been a bit quiet on my blog front lately...so see you here tomorrow for a mince pie + a new banner (well it is winter now so i'd better get with the season!) xxx

05 December 2007


i'm getting that festive feeling

also that slightly panicked feeling
...a feeling of a need to make many's a list!

at least our tree is up + decorated

...now can i blame bosco for lurking around when i bring an outdoors tree indoors...cover it with sparkles that dangle + sweet birds? pure temptation!

so now it's back to the to do's + some baking with this delight...yum

02 December 2007


i nip upstairs to get something
...what do i find?

silly bosco in one of his funny sleeping positions!
love that spotty belly : )