07 August 2006


As promised here are some of the sights I saw & sketched whilst in Norfolk at the end of July.

And here's me with said sketch book!

What a blissful week it was. I have some unfinished work (no change there then!) but who knows maybe this year I'll revisit things & maybe develop them? Or maybe I'll just look back at them to remind me of a really happy time :) I also took LOADS of photos....there were so many subjects & wonderful things at the locations we visited....so I've got plenty to keep me going until I get my next Norfolk-fix (I am officially addicted!!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Nesty,

I love the sketches from your time away in Norfolk, please try to show some from Cambridge another time!

love bizelily x

Luis said...

really like the sketches

Shari said...

love your sketches. beautiful!

nesty said...

i'm so excited to have 3 comments!!!

dear bizelily, luis & shari...

...it means so much to me to see that you've all taken a peek & to say such lovely things about my work makes me v happy :)

thanks so much for stopping by & hope you'll come back to see more soon x

julie said...

Your sketches are beautiful...i keep seeing you 'around' and thought id come and visit ;)
Lovely blog!!

Valerie said...

I have a great respect for talented people like you.