31 August 2006


Last year it was cold in our sitting room....and the year before that....so this year we're ahead of the game & we've got a new friend....a Morso Badger to be exact. When we moved in there was an old disconnected gas fire which we skipped and then ended up sticking a chest of drawers in front of the fireplace to make it look nicer. But nicer isn't warmer and a plug in radiator didn't look too great so this year Ciaran was on a mission to get us a wood burner instead.

We took out the old frame around the fireplace....swept up a lot of bird poo....and today a nice man came and fitted the stove (bought online) for us.

As you can see we lit a fire tonight just to give it a trial run (apologies for poor pic but I was determined to get the glowiness rather than use a flash). Heat wasn't really called for on a mild August evening but we were too excited not to try! Very pleased with it and looking forward to getting cosy & toasty once the cold sets in.

Other stuff from today....I did some baking inspired by a lovely Gigibird post. There's just something so nice about cake making (this was Nigella's cherry & almond loaf)....especially when you can share it. My Grandma C came round so we both had a warm-from-the-oven-piece with a cup of tea. My Grandad C was at the doctors and he came by to pick her up after his appointment. He'd been to get some test results which I'm immensely happy to say are good....so now he definitely needs tlc & I see more cakes to come & lots of love and time to spend with them both.


Anonymous said...

Hi nesty,
The stove looks super, I could feel the heat from the pic! Shame I couldn't taste the cake,
love Bizelily x

Anonymous said...

hi kelly,
a cozy fire and delicious cake. sounds great! xo shari

Lynn said...

Thank you for the mention!
Your new look blog is great, and I do prefer the flowers to the hearts - it's funny how some things are more photogenic than others....like people I guess.
As I ordered cooking apples from this weeks online shop I shall be dusting off my recipe books for an apple cake, always popular and never hanging around for long. I do think with baking it's practice makes perfect.
The cherry and almond looked lovely - was it 1lb or a 2lb loaf tin?