28 October 2006


I baked these today from the new MSL that my fabulous Dad brought back from America for me on his latest trip. He's gone off to London today & taken my hubby & my Grandad G for a boy's museum adventure....how they'll be in their element with all that science and nature around them :)

So I'm left home alone & I've had a nice day baking, catching up with The Archers on the radio & working on wedding invitation designs for our friends Claire & Joe. I'm pleased with how they're looking....a little sneak preview of the WIP....

....my workroom is v v messy! Off now to clear up & pack these samples ready to post on Monday. Hope everyone's having a good weekend. Our clocks go back tonight to GMT so an extra hour in bed tomorrow :)


bizelily said...

Hi Nesty,
Looking forward to tasting those cookies now that your dad has 'remembered' to give them to me!!
The invitation ideas look good by the way!

love bizelily x

julie said...

Love your baking pics..you always give me an appetite!
And look at those wonderful samples..more pics!!!

Gigibird said...

nvitation cards are looking wonderful. Nice photos too.
Homemade biscuits are the best.
I feel a bake coming on!

kelly said...

i get nervous when i'm making things for other people...thanks for encouraging comments! x