21 December 2006


We had my Mum drop by last night with our presents for under the tree....plus delicious home-made mince pies + some Lebkuchen (my favourite!)....she's the best!

As we'll not be together on Christmas Day we decided to have a little early opening ceremony :)

Mum loved her new lightbox which I'd made a few weeks ago. We've discussed on many occasions how handy it would be to have one (instead of trying to trace through paper up against a window pane) so this year I set to making one with some priceless help from my clever Grandad + the local glass + wood merchants. I also made her a pouch for audiobook cds which have become an essential for the long drives she's making each week. 2 other little gifts have been saved for the proper day!

We got some wonderful goodies which I'll write about post-Christmas....as always we've been spoiled rotten by our loved ones + we are very very lucky folk :)

Last day at work for me before the holiday + this is a scarf which I made for my boss at the Post Office....I'd managed to subtley ask what colours she likes to wear + think this will really suit her. They got me some chocs + wine + let me leave a few hours early today....such lovely people to work for!

Tonight I'm wrapping up gifts for the family in Ireland. We fly tomorrow so packing the suitcase later. The fog is still bad around our neck of the woods so fingers crossed that our flight will go as planned....

I'll not be about now for a few days whilst we're off being festive....so I'll sign off with Happy Christmas Wishes to everyone reading! Eat, drink + be merry! xxx Kelly.


julie said...

Hi Kelly, your photographs are so STUNNING! And what beautiful presents!!!! Clever you on that lightbox!!
Wish i was coming with you to Ireland - i love it there!!!
I wish you and your family a very very merry Christmas and healthy and happy new year!! Have a great time xxx julie

cruststation said...

What beautiful presents, such great and thoughtful gifts. Sorry about the fog, it's so untimely. Anyhow, have a fantastic Christmas break with your family.

Gigibird said...

So clever and resourceful! Love the light box, love it all. What a lovely relationship you must have with your mum.
Hope you have a lovely Chritmas, and thank you again for the gorgeous corage:)

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

Thankyou so much for my lovely gifts, how lucky I am to have you,
love bizelily ( your mum!) xxx

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Gorgeous scarf, gorgeous photos! Merry Christmas!!

Shari said...

merry christmas kelly!
love all the presents you made. :) hope you are enjoying your time in ireland. warm wishes for a fabulous 2007. xoxo shari

Jen said...

What lovely packaging! I wouldn't even want to open a gift that pretty.

Abigail said...

Sweet Kelly!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas....and I wish you a wonderful New Year!

Im so looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations evolve, and your business flourish even more. Here is to new starts and new years :)

big hugs, xox

teresa said...

Love your work!! That scarf is amazing! Wish it were for sale. :)