26 January 2007


fridays come around so quickly!

it's been a chilly week with snow, sunshine
+ oh how the wind has blown....

my cold fingers that don't quite work properly :)

keeping warm....burning wood....2 pairs of socks essential

lots of tea has been drank
or is it drunk?...never sure
a bit like swam + swum
(which me + C often debate!)

anyhow....much comfort cake has been consumed too
treat of the week....double ginger cake
how i heart nigel slater

happy finds online

making me smile
this save our post office song

manda's sweetest little girl dress
the very first

happy 1st blog birthday to abigail
why i blog

a photo of beauty by claire
with bated breath

happy fabric + craft book shopping
kitty craft

wishing everyone a lovely + cosy weekend....
....until next time! x


Gigibird said...

I'm going to make sure Stella sees what the lovely Bosco is lying on as she is talking of making her prince charming some bespoke kitty comforts.
Is the scarf going on Etsy?

Shari said...

hi kelly,
i love the scarf and the cute photo of bosco. thanks also for the nigel slater article. ginger cake sounds amazing. hope you are well. xox shari

julie said...

hello kelly, hope youre keeping warm this weekend..comfort cake sounds like an excellent idea to me!!..together with your lovely scarf!
The winds are on their way back to us this week!! xxx

Violette said...

The scarf is beautiful,and the ginger cakes reminds me of good memories in England.
thank you, I'll be back

deb said...

I just found your blog and can't wait to look around some more. You have such a unique style.. I really love it.