14 February 2007


hours fly
flowers die.
new days,
new ways
pass by;
love stays.

henry van dyke

may i wish you all
a very happy valentine's day

i hope you
tell your loved ones

just how much you love them

how sweet today
to hear
this duet
this love list
to see
this heart

to show my affection
to all the lovely folk who leave me comments
(thank you lovely folk)
i made 3 valentine bookmarks today
filled with a little lavender
from my garden
on friday
my lovely assistant c
will draw 3 names
from the comments page
for me to post them to!
(anywhere around the world)

i'll be back on friday
to announce the

with love to all who read


julie said...

i was just wondering what your assistant does in the studio?!!

What a lovely gesture kelly and more beautiful pieces...

hope you are having a LOVEly day, kisses, julie xxx

julie said...

ps.how is the heart made...from feathers? it looks amazing!! :)

kelly said...

hello j! well...my lovely assistant fixes my computer when it's ill + slow...what can i say?..he's a star!!

other than that he just peeks in here when he can't find me!! but on friday i'm going to invite him in for proper creative reasons + to pick names from a hat...hee hee! he's feeling the blog-love since his birthday so i'm involving him some more : ) xxx

p.s. i must confess that the heart is a bought one...i think it's polystyrene + it's covered with feathers...i have 6!!

Shari said...

such a cool heart. i love the bookmarks too. hope you have the loveliest day kelly! happy valentine's. xoxo shari

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! Those are lovely bookmarks! Please include me in your fabulous draw.

Gigibird said...

It's always a pleaure to read your blog Kelly. You are never predictable and I do enjoy your photos.
Love those bookmarks, I hope you are going to make some for Etsy?

djbebe said...

I love the warm colours of the bookmarks - the world needs more orange, I say. And the feather-covered heart is very cool.

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

I know your valentine's day was special, you make quite a few of my days special too!

love bizelily xx

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

I know your valentine's day was special, you make quite a few of my days special too!

love bizelily xx

bizelily said...

hi again nesty,

opps!! sorry i double clicked, not my way of getting into the draw twice, honest!!

love bizelily x
just realised thats my third comment!!!!

Janet said...

what a sweet gesture! hope it was a special day. xxx

shawn said...

Love your blog. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Alison said...

Thank ou for your lovely comment Kelly. I'm so behind on other peoples blogs and am looking forward to catching up on everyone once things are back to normal.
Gorgeous bookmarks. Is that patchwork? So effective!