17 February 2007


i feel like i'm very late
to join in on this
(+ a little reluctant)

but hey....i was tagged
so i'd feel rude not to have a go

so here are 6 weird things about me

number 1
as much as i love all things
colourful....i just can't bring myself to drink out
of cups that aren't white on the inside

number 2
in the privacy of my own home
i've been known to wear
socks + flip flops
in a japanese style
(it all started with my muji toe socks)
so comfy

number 3
in the school play
i was the baddie's girlfriend
in bugsy malone....
....i sang at the audition
in front of everyone
(i was desperate to be blousey brown)
but i got a non-singing part
enough said

number 4
i normally have 3 on the go
i can't seem to be patient enough
not to start a new one
when i haven't finished another
like tonight
i know i'm going to start reading the book i bought today
i'm already halfway through 2
(this is also the case with my creative projects)

number 5
i like to wear my husband's aftershave

number 6
i am officially a scaredy cat
the older i get the worse it's becoming....
....i'm the sort of person who doesn't like
to freewheel on my bicycle downhill
or drive very fast
but what's strange is that when i was younger
i did actually
go pot-holing
qualify as a scuba diver
learn to abseil
so what's happened to me?

so that's my 6 things
were they really weird?

oh well....back to normal on monday!


julie said...

i like you weird points and im the same for no.6!! I think its just an age thing..when we were younger we didnt understand the dangers so much. :)

kelly said...

So glad you wrote up your list of weird things! I really enjoyed reading them. Several are also things I do too!

Nonnie said...

I seem to be getting more scared as I get older too. It's quite frustrating. Maybe it's because we see the dangers in things more than we did when we're younger. I also do the multiple book reading thing too.

Janet said...

Woo hoo I won i won, Thanks Ciaran for picking me out. I like the image in my head of socks and flip flops and I am so with you on the mug thing. I tink its because you can see its clean. Happy monday Kelly xx

bizelily said...

hi nesty,
thank you soooo much for my delicious bookmark, it's tucked snuggly into the ONE book I have on the go at the moment; now that is weird! as for all the rest,they are just things that make you you!!
love bizelily xx

cruststation said...

Love your no.1, I also do no.2 -if it keeps you warm and comfy why not? Thanks for sharing, I am also no.6 :)

rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing these - I have had this post as 'keep new' in bloglines for ages and meant to comment much sooner - sorry!

Love your no.2 - flip flops is pretty cool but I have been know to wear Birkenstocks with socks too!