21 March 2007


+ brrrrr it's chilly here....but a lovely sunny brrrrr!

i've had fun with a bit of a blog makeover....spring has been on my mind especially colours + thinking of fresh starts....i am proud to say that i stumbled about + managed to make the changes all on my own without having to pester C for help....learning by trial + error along the way which is how i tend to do technical jobs : ) what do you think of the new look? like i said before....a little re-arrangement goes a long way for me + i'm feeling like i've turned over a new leaf....wanting to really get back into things creatively + raring to go again. projects lined up + on the go include....

  1. my new additions for the shop at the end of march
  2. completing the nest website for me + my mum's business
  3. sowing seeds in pots for the windowsill
  4. making a headpiece for an april wedding
so back to the post title before i ramble on forever! these colours are very much on my mind....in my wardrobe....background for my blog....oh + in our house. recently i spent a day painting our dining room which opens on to the kitchen. when we moved in we painted the whole place white which i do love....but as time passes + we grow into the space i'm finding that i want to bring colour to certain areas. this project had a few hiccups along the way. (note to self....please buy tester pots to try out before spending money on whole tins of paint which turn out too dark + not right....however much you like the name of the colour....well sketchbook sounds so good + not dark grey.... doesn't it?!) anyway all's finished now + we really like it....good old duck egg (pale duck egg that is....sorry C not the normal duck egg which you dashed off to buy for me when the 1st tin ran out! 4 trips in 1 day to the diy store + i'm staying away now....promise! )

daffodils....all around + how happy they look. i cut them from our garden + delight in their scent which suprises me every time i walk by the vase. set against spotty blues....how the simple things can bring such pleasure!

more smiles in the form of print....a new blueprint....brought to me by my dad who never lets me down when i send him in search of magazines in other countries! taking a peek at the new bluelines blog had kept me going inbetween issues....this one seems slightly sparser in content but still has plenty to get smiley about : )

loving this chair + print

dreaming that i could be a bit neater

coveting a spring wardrobe

so there you have it for today....i'm off now for some catching up with my favourite blogs....with a nice cup of clarity tea (lemongrass + ginger....see even my foodstuff's fitting into the colour scheme!!)

have a good wednesday everyone....happy springtime! x


julie said...

Kelly, I also cant wait to see all of your new work :)
Your blog is looking fab and fresh - love the banner!!
You cant really go wrong with duck egg - a definite fave of mine too!!! And magazines with inspiring pictures to read in your gorgeous dining room...would love to join you xxx

shari said...

hi kelly!

your blog is looking fresh like springtime. i love the cat fabric and the buttons and am looking forward to seeing your new creations. i'm not sure i've heard of the color duck egg before. we have a similar, though darker, shade of blue called robin's egg. enjoy your tea! xo shari

bizelily said...

hi nesty,

love the use of those buttons,good purchase! love bizelily xx

Gigibird said...

Hello Kelly!
Love your new look blog - I am going to be pestering you for banner tips:)
You have been such a busy girl - I completely agree about tester pots,especially if like me colour is everything.
Yes please to the seeds....I will email, as my gardening aspirations are limited as dear Harry is a bit of a digger!
Your enthusiasm is catching.
I am so excited about your webby.

kat heyes said...

wow what a lovely blog. love the picture of your mum - is that you with her? I love old pictures. Also lovin that embroidered print you've done. You should sell them stretched over a frame to put on the wall, I'd buy one! thanks for your kind comments on the book, hurrah! camping is ace!

jodie said...

Hey Kelly, springtime has definitely come to your blog! Love it. Can you tell me how to get hold of that Blueprint magazine? I've never seen it but know I would love it.

cruststation said...

I love your new blog look, the header is so beautiful with gorgeous embroidery and vintage buttons. What a lovely colour for Spring! (love your dress) Your home is amazing, it looks like a magazine spread. Looking forward to seeing your wedding website and new things for Etsy.

jodie said...

I am loving that colour scheme with the vase of daffs. And I really want to get that Blueprint magazine!! My bro and sis both live in NY but I can't trust them to send it to me each month, so I will have to wait until I go again!!