01 March 2007


a new month

new works in progress

feeling that spring is nearly here
maybe good things can happen



cruststation said...

Beautiful artwork, I can't believe it's March already but looking forward to Spring, we're already seeing warm sunshine, tree blossoms-best wishes!

Nonnie said...

Isn't it good to know that Spring is nearly hear. Makes everything seem so much more positive.

julie said...

oh this is wonderful kelly..more please...happy march to you! xxx

bizelily said...

hi nesty,

lovely blue skied, sunny day here; brilliant printing to start the month off, good things coming...
love bizelily x

Gigibird said...

Hello Kelly - can hardly believe it's March already!
It's looking good - whatever it is!!

rebecca said...

So please that sring is on its way!

How did the wedding fair go?

kelly said...

thanks for the happy march wishes!

i'm feeling better about this month for some reason...with spring so nearby.

the print is a very early wip...i'll be back with it at a more developed stage...i have some stitching on the go + maybe will frame it...who knows? one of those organic pieces! x

p.s. the fair was a bit disappointing : ( not many fair goers! but good practise + a nice to meet other exhibitors.

shari said...

happy march kelly! lovely print. can't wait to see more. xo shari