18 March 2007


it's mother's day here

i've just spent the loveliest time with my special mum
+ much of our family
(my dad, brother, my mum's 2 sisters with their families + my maternal grandparents)

all squeezed into one happy house
....cooking together + sharing much delicious food....
getting blown about outside whilst walking : )

we watched old cine films of our mum's weddings
+ of us all as toddlers
....sunny days + happy times....
funny hairstyles + lots of knitted clothes!

i know that i am very lucky to have
a great relationship with my mother

i cherish it more + more as i get older....
....appreciating just how much she gives to me
+ thinking how i'd love to be able
to give the same to a child of my own

we do so much together + i love that

my stitching guru
my shoe shopping partner
my fellow archers listener
my sweet tooth gene giver
+ so much more

my mum is my friend



rebecca said...

What a gorgeous photo!

bizelily said...

hi there my nesty,

thankyou darling,

love bizelily xx

Gigibird said...

How blessed you are.

Anonymous said...

yep, you are surely a lucky girl. sounds like your mum's a pretty lucky lady too!

julie said...

Aaahh, what lovely words for your mum! Sounds like a perfect day! xxx