04 March 2007


ok....so this time last week me + my mum were at a wedding fair....we'd been working towards it over the past few months + had a good range of samples for our exhibition stand. i (in my typical style) was up until the wee small hours the night before printing out leaflets + generally coming to blows with my computer who was not playing nice....yes i'm a last minute girl by my own admission + never seem to be that organised person that i want to be : )

an early start on a sunday morning....we unloaded at the hotel + enjoyed setting up our little space. then from 10 to 4 we didn't really get to see more than 30 people....some of whom were other exhibitors! (you have to laugh or...) good job there was free tea + coffee....it was a disappointing day all in all. lots of work + no one to show it to....chatting to other traders we were reassured that it was a particularly quiet fair + the talk was that it was either poor advertising of the event or just bad luck that people didn't fancy leaving their houses on the day. still....we can draw some positives from it....it kicked me into getting a website on the go (with an address to print on the leaflets....that wouldn't print properly....that nobody took!) all of course with neverfailing help from my computer man....aka the baker boy ciaran!

the website's an ongoing project....the next step is looking to see how/where we should try + get our product out there....we have our doubts that the wedding fairs are really the best place to exhibit + i think we're going to look to contact some magazines with information about what we do....i may test it out on you readers at some point : )

so the nest thing feels in limbo for me right now....i'm trying to get back into the groove with it....hope it won't take long because it's not just about me....my mum has worked really hard on the concept too so i want to keep the momentum going....i just need a kick up the bum sometimes!!

forever sidetracked....from my photo archives....this time 2 years ago i had this wonderful view in front of me + i just never get tired of looking at it....ireland is so beautiful. until tomorrow, x


julie said...

and you left that view why??...

Well done to you and your mum for producing so much work...fairs are always unpredictable but now you have some of your beautiful stock to sell elsewere...and you will!!

cruststation said...

Such a beautiful landscape.

Sorry to hear that the wedding fair did not go as well as hoped, I guess you always have to option to sell your wares on etsy or your website, which I'm looking forward to seeing. I know already that your stock will be beautiful just from seeing your work. Take care.

Gigibird said...

Life is very fickle. People are very fickle. Lot's of people have no taste. Your audience is probably only about 4-6% of who see your things.
Celebrate you are not mainstream.

Vintage to Victorian said...

What a shame about the wedding fair. It's always a disappointment when that happens. I did a charity antiques fair just before Christmas and it was very much like yours sounds. We bought from one another, drank plenty of tea and coffee and bemoaned the fact that the advertising wasn't what it should have been. All you can do is put that one down to experience.

Good luck with the website. I'm in the process of trying to get mine up and running. It all takes time though.

shari said...

hi kelly.
sorry to hear that the wedding fair was a disappointment. i know that you and your mom worked very hard getting everything ready. i love your new ideas about how to move forward. i'm glad you are keeping a positive outlook. i love your creations and think they are very special. i know others will feel the same way. xx shari