06 April 2007


it's me....i'm back....we just got re-connected + i'm very happy to be in contact again!

we have had no internet/email in the house for 2 whole weeks....for the 1st few days i acted calmly, thinking "what's a few days without being able to go online?"....a couple of days passed + i paid a visit to a horrible internet cafe (so I could pop my head into blogland) only to hate the environment + leave after 10 minutes....7 days passed + i finally threw a tiny bit of a wobbly (eeek!) saying to my hubby "but i can't wait another week + you surely must be able to do something (being an software engineer + all) ?!!!"....but of course i could wait....(he really couldn't do anything) + frankly i didn't have much choice being at the mercy of our broadband supplier!

so thank you all for your sweet sweet comments in my absence....it brought a big smile to my face to return to find them all waiting for me in my inbox! the 2 week gap made me realise just how much i use my computer day to day....maybe a little too much sometimes....so the lesson i've learnt is that i shouldn't rely on having everything at my fingertips just when i want it + that missing a connection to the internet was rather silly....but absence has made my heart grow fonder for the connections with the friends i have made through my blog + i'm looking forward to getting back in touch!

so what's been happening here?

well the sun has been a-shining....the clocks changed + we've got nice light evenings again : )

my sweet pea seeds are sown + currently sitting on the windowsill....veggie seeds to be potted this weekend along with some lavender + rosemary to be planted in the garden in this perfect weather.

i have plasters on my heels from wearing summer shoes (shock-horror with no socks!) on soft winter feet!

i got round to making that skirt i had on my to-do list. i used a nice turquoise linen that's going to match lots in my spring/summer wardrobe....after some pattern-tweeking i got the fit just right so i'll be sewing a couple more once i've found some fabrics....i'm on the hunt for a great print (cheap if poss) if anyone's got suggestions?

baking has been very basic....not really baking actually but mixing....how could i not make chocolate nests for easter?! very kitsch i know but they are an essential in our home....the house of mini egg addiction : )

i visited my lovely friend abi at her new business venture....a tea room in a lovely walled garden....easton walled gardens to be exact + wow....what a wonderful place to be working! i'm planning lots more trips there over the summer....taking my grandparents + definitely a day of sketching with my mum. so many potential subjects + i'll be heading back to this gate for sure : )

i met a v cute dog called mole who lives in the gardens!

please bear with me as i take a bit of time over the weekend to catch up + get in touch again....i'm all behind on your goings-on so i need lots of tea + easter eggs by my side as i write emails + read blogs!

until next time have a great weekend everyone....hooray, it's an extra long one for us here! x


Sadie Olive said...

Beautiful photos, and I love the skirt you made!

Sarah said...

Hi Kelly

I have just discovered your blog and love it. I love the little chocolate nests you made. Perfect!
I love Cambridgeshire. My friend's sister lives in Safron Walden (I know it's Essex but pretty much on the border?) so I did get to explore Cambridgeshire a bit.
Anyway, I'm going to love reading your posts.
Have a lovely Easter break :)

Candace said...

Lovely colors... Turquoise is me latest favorite color!

julie said...

hello you!! So glad youre back - i missed you and all of your turquoise beauty :)
That walled garden....how lovely!!!! and your new skirt goes perfectly with your summer shoes :)

We also planted our herbs for spring - i love rubbing them and bringing out the gorgeous smells!
Happy Easter Kelly xxx

cruststation said...

Welcome back Kelly, I love your shoes and skirt (what a perfect match)! It's so true how much we've come to rely on the internet for communication/information :) Enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely Easter weekend!

Gigibird said...

Glad your back - I've missed you:)
How much fabric do you need to make a skirt?
I don't think I've ever seen Bossco outside before - and I love little Mole.
Now don't go eating too much chocolate or you will have to put elastic in the waistband of your skirts:)

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,
believe it or not, i missed reading your blog, though we do talk most days, welcome back and happy easter!
love bizelily xx

Emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

Love your summer shoes, where did you find them?

knittygrittygurl said...

Just discovered your blog and it's great! I adore your shoes....where did you find such beauties??

shari said...

what a beautiful post kelly! i adore your skirt and sandals. so pretty. your friend's tea house in a garden sounds like the perfect way to spend a spring afternoon. xox