10 April 2007


a late entry from me!

green really is my favourite colour
hmmm...i can't seem to capture it somehow as i'd like to today

but i love so many of the gorgeous images about
including these from

if anyone else out there has the delightful book apples for jam
by tessa kiros...how apt it is this week to browse through
+ inspire...divided into colour chapters + oozing with
gorgeous photos : )

also this website with it's shop by colour facility
...love the names too!

looking forward to a pink wednesday
...join in even if you missed days 1 + 2!



julie said...

i was going to say...your lunch break is very late!!!
Love your greens..gooseberries..mmm - also a Kelly colour :)

I have heard of this book before but have never seen it..

looking forward to your pink xxx

Maditi said...

beautiful greens! happy you enjoy my green garden :)

little special said...

Hi Kelly! Love your blog and just wanted to say thanks for the link to the Corolla Cream site - never heard of it before but i'm loving it, especially Bertha (cushion)! The colour pics are fab by the way. xx

cruststation said...

Ooh Kelly, your photos are amazing, I love the gooseberries and beautiful snippet into the 'apples for jam' book. Thanks for the link to Corolla Cream, love the products!

shari said...

i've never had gooseberries before and i'm so intrigued. the tessa kiros book looks so so lovely.