24 June 2007


...so it's been a while
+ somehow the longer i stayed away
...the harder it seemed to come back

days rolled by
+ i felt slightly tentative about sitting down to write something
becoming happy just to take in what everyone else was up to on the blogging network

may i make a confession?
i've also 2timed my blog by getting wrapped up in facebook!

but this evening i felt like i wanted to say hello again!
with a little bit of a summer makeover
(even though the rain's drizzling down here)

i'm looking forward to making a regular date with my blog again
tomorrow + all this week for some fresh posts
(putting the love back into our relationship!)


Gigibird said...

I for one am so gald you're back:)
Love your bunting Kelly; no point asking if you made it yourself?
I have a terrible confession - I saw Richard and Judy the other day and they were on about Facebook - something for the young! so I'm not even going to look! Gigibird wastes enough of my time already.

Do what feels right - it's a real pressure feeling you HAVE to write. It's got to be fun otherwise what's the point?

Jessica said...

facebook has now become a bit of a family affair with my relatives, it started with my younger cousins, and then after a few drinks at a few family gatherings we have nearly all joined in including my uncles and aunts, and we send each other links, and swap photos, it's a great way to blur the divide between the generations.

P.S. Thanks for adding me to your list of blogs.

Jess x

shari said...

love the new look for summer. i've missed you and glad to see you are blogging again. :)

Catherine said...

I think your new look is lovely. Nice to read your blog again : )

Sarah said...

Lovely new blog look for your Summer.
Yes my sister got me on to facebook. A lot of her friends are in London and I hear it is all the rage over there!
Glad you are back :)

cruststation said...

Welcome back Kelly, I love your new look blog.
Can't wait to catch up with you...

julie said...

great that youre back. you were missed..whats facebook?? And love the summer look!!!! xxx

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,
glad to have you back, I've missed you, love bizelily xx