17 July 2007


greetings from norfolk!

(i'm here at my parent's house + enjoying the start to a week of art)

i'm a day late with my art week report as i forgot my blogger password...i tried every variation i could think of but without success...luckily my hubby has come to my rescue with a reminder...thanks c!

me + my mum make this an annual event...this is my 5th or maybe 6th year (?) of coming here for a landscape art course. so far so good. we had a dry monday + half a dry tuesday! today the heaven's opened after our picnic lunch + we got drenched. this funny weather calls for some creative thinking as to where/what to sketch...we've worked in the car with windscreen wipers going in the past!
each day see's a new location + new subjects to inspire

monday was spent at salthouse...a small village along the coastal road. it has a lovely church with higgledy piggledy gravestones + an abundance of hollyhocks growing here there + everywhere. my choice? would you believe that i settled down to sketch the post office : ) of all things!

today (tuesday) we've been at felbrigg house just outside of cromer. i had a very nice morning in the company of the most amazing trees (thinking of julie) but the afternoon turned stormy so we headed back with a bit of homework...helped along by the cats. winston was too exhausted to do much more than snooze amongst my pencil crayons! there are 4 cats sharing my parent's home...they'll all get a blog introduction soon.
off to bed now...


shari said...

wow kelly. such amazing sketches. thank you for sharing them with us.xoxo
ps: i can totally see why you were drawn to sketch the post office.

julie said...

Oh dear Kelly your drawings are so beautiful!!!!! And before i read you were thinking of me..i was thinking i wish i was with you!!!

And Rami was in Cromer last year working :)

Those trees are gorgeous! xxxxx

Gigibird said...

4 cats? Now that's plain greedy;-)
Love the photo with the blackbird silhouetted against the stormy skies
Lovely drawings.