20 July 2007


more from my sketchbook...

day 4 at mannington hall
(in glorious sunshine)

day 5 at morston with boats of all shapes
(drawn from the car seat as the rain lashed down)

here's my mum taking a tea break
just before the storm clouds blew over!

+ a couple of boats ready for a re-paint
(but just wonderful as they are in their rusty-run-down state)

so that was the lovely week that was...how quickly it seemed to whizz by. me + my mum both feel pretty exhausted. just being out in the elements on a daily basis combined with the concentration needed to work left us feeling happily weary! thank you for all the sweet comments on the last few posts...it's been so nice to share it with you


Gigibird said...

What a lovely time you've both had!
LOVE your boat drawings.
I think the weather has helped your art! If it had been all sun it would have made for undramatic scenes

shari said...

hi there.
your sketches are just so lovely. the boats are my favorite. so so wonderful kelly. glad you had fun. happily tired is a good feeling, isn't it? xoxo

jessica daisy said...

your drawings are beautiful kelly, you should try selling them on etsy.

Janet said...

I would love to get out and draw more with the elements, it is such an exhilerating experience, I too love the boats drawings. The colours in those rusty boats are beautiful, very inspiring. Your mum looks happy! Joy! xx

bizelily said...

Hi nesty
thanks for being my partner on that lovely week, we took everything the weather could throw at us and enjoyed it all!
love bizelily x

cruststation said...

It's been lovely to see your sketches, they are beautiful, you are so talented. Sounds like you and your mum had a wonderful time.

gracia said...

Out in the elements with a sketch book and fine company... sounds pretty perfect to me.
see you, gracia

Annie's Abode said...

You are so talented and the boat picture is fantastic.

Love Ax

julie said...

More beautiful drawings - you are on such a high!!!!!!! So great that the rain isnt affecting you!!!! Love the pic of your Mum and those rusty boats... xxx

nĂ  said...

wow, that boat drawing is gorgeous!