30 April 2007


a few weeks back i joined in with the mellow + yellow swap

i somehow came across marta's lovely blog + was just in time to sign up. the rules were very simple...pick a colour scheme + send some gifts...what could be better?

today i got back from work to find a parcel on my doorstep

all the way from america...from my lovely swap partner ali


i opened it up to find a host of delights
each one just the kind of thing i love
(that girl's got good taste!)
sweetly wrapped with tissue + string

in tones of sea green + a hint of bitter chocolate
(what a delectable combination)
here's what she kindly sent to me

:: an aromatherapy candle...
bergamot mint that smells so uplifting...
sat on my work desk ::

:: pretty thank you notelets with print envelopes...
it's going to be hard to part with these
...for extra special thank yous only ::

:: cucumber soap...simple + such a gorgeous colour ::

:: dotty fabric + dinky buttons...
i'll have much fun using these for a new creation ::

:: a screen-printed linen napkin which
i think i'll keep to use as a little tablecloth ::

+ handmade by ali...fabric covered thumb tacks
for my pinboard...so special...something handmade is much appreciated!
these came wrapped in a swatch of the print fabric which is going to be an ideal addition to something i'm working on right now

thank you so so so much ali!!!
it's been so nice to make a new friend
i hope my package reaches you safe + sound

you've made one happy monday! xxx

i'll post some photos of what i sent to ali
when i know she's received them
...i hate to spoil suprises! i'm off now to take a peek at
the flickr group to see what everyone else got : )


ali said...

Oh, goodie! I can't believe they made it there so quickly.

I'm sure all those items are as happy to have you as you are to have them.
I'm thrilled that you like it.

little special said...

well done ali!

what a beautiful package, so many lovely things - i know what you mean about the notelets, when they're so lovely you don't really want to part with them! naughty but true!


julie said...

How lovely - everything does look so suited to you!! Enjoy your goodies xxx

cruststation said...

The sea green is so you, beautiful package lovingly matched. Enjoy!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous package. Love the hue. This swap has been fun ;)

maggienikole said...

i love those thumb tacks. what a great package!

kat said...

everything is beautiful! The colour is just lovely, the entire package was well thought out. Her thumbtacks are super. It's funny, I participated in the swap and made some thumbtacks too. {but mine were black + white}

Tamara said...

you lucky thing. those colours are so scrumptious. i was too late to be a part of the swap, maybe next time

Sarah Jayne said...

What a great package.

bizelily said...

hi nesty,
what a lovely idea and such delicious goodies in your package, enjoy!
love bizelily xx