31 December 2007


a very merry time was had by us here

it's been so nice to see that others have too as i read through my bloglines subscriptions

i must have been exceptionally good this year ;) as i had a whole host of wonderful gifts on christmas morning! here's 2 of my many favourites...a beautiful handpainted box (by my mum) from my parents which will be used to store our decorations in...so much better than the carrier bags they've sat in for years + so special as i know what love went into it.

ciaran spoiled me rotten. he's so good at buying me presents! i had some great new drawing pens with a new sketchbook. perfume that whisked me back to our 1st date...i haven't worn it in so long so it's lovely to feel 19 again! i was also delighted to open a tiny box that revealed this necklace by abigail...wow...i love it to bits.

the best thing though was just being together
...cooking/singing/laughing together + having a pretty chilled out holiday! oh + playing with this little fella : )

and now 2008 is just hours away
which fills me with excitement for possibilities + adventures that a new year can bring

...i have so much i want to acheive + share
and it all starts tomorrow!


shari said...

sounds like you had a wonderful christmas. may your 2008 be all that you can imagine. xo

Gigibird said...

Your excitement is catching:)
So glad you had a lovely Christmas...
Kitty cat is gorgeous....I so want a cat....

mollycupcakes said...

Happy new year, see you in 2008.
I'm so pleased to have found your blog thought the fabulous Tracy at Cupcakes at home.
She has such great taste.

Have a good one.

Catherine x

fanja said...

your Christmas sounded lovely, wishing you a happy and creative 2008!

Abigail said...

So glad you had a good one, and that you liked the necklace Kelly :)

...Happy New Year to you and Ciaran!

Babelfish said...

Happy new year Kelly, so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. May 2008 bring you joy, creativity and dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

that necklace shows your great taste .. guess what: i got it too! happy new year xx

Lil D said...

What a beautiful job your mum did on that box.