02 January 2008


today my brother starts on an adventure
after years of jobs that he didn't like doing
he's off to be a runner at maidstone studios

ben...i take my hat off to you for not giving up on your dreams

what a great way to start the year! yes...you may be about to live on your home grown veggies for the forseeable future but they're going to taste good knowing that you're on the road to doing what you've always wanted!

i'm very proud of you. love from your big sister xxx


Roz said...

so say all of us Kelly I know someone else not too far away from me who is very uncertain about her future but wont be swayed by what others think. Brave youngsters.......... my heart goes with them x R

elizabeth said...

oh how sweet! i must say inspiring as well.

glad i stumbled across your blog. the color....major swoonage :)

happy oh*eight to ya!!!

Gigibird said...

What an exciting start to the New Year for your brother - my very best wishes to him....
Having a job you hate is the worst thing in the world.
Does this mean he can provide you with show biz gossip?

Anonymous said...

sweet job! and well done young man.

and kelly - 2 posts in 2 days.. do i sense you're taking up the challenge too?! xx

Babelfish said...

Aww, how exciting and what a lovely tribute to your brother. Wishing him all the best in his journey.

jessica daisy said...

Happy new year Kelly, and what great start to the new year for your little bro!

ali said...

Way to go, Ben! I'm a fan of anyone who is willing to run after his (or her) dreams.

What a great sister you are, Kelly!