01 February 2008


february...you are a sweet month
a special birthday + of course an excuse to get romantic
first blossom on the trees
feeling that spring isn't too far away
+ pancakes to make!

i took a little look in this shop today...oh the goodies it holds!
i love the headpieces in their catalogue + they've nudged to me into thinking of a making something along this line again for some weddings we'll be going to this year

a teensy bit of snow fell this afternoon here
this sky tonight makes me wonder if we'll wake up to white in the morning? keep warm friends! i'm off to light the fire + get cosy. happy weekend! xxx


Sarah said...

Lovely headpiece, you should sell them on etsy.

Gigibird said...

It's been a lovely day today. I am very jealous of your snow flurry.
With your skills a headdress/hat will be easy for you - go for it!

lottie frank said...

I adore your blog! its beautiful off to check out your etsy shop now....

shari said...

i can't wait to see the headpieces you create. noa noa is gorgeous. so inspired by that link. thank you kelly! xox

Anonymous said...
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charliemotel said...


Well i have one job im waiting on... not that glamourous- cleaning, but in a castle/manor thing that i live close to. So i think that would be a cool place to clean... just waiting to get an appointment with the cleaning agency.

My predicument is that it HAS to be local. We have one car and my husband often has to go and see his design clients.

I'll find something soon i hope :) thankyou for your kind messages :)

julie said...

Happy Feb my friend! Enjoyed peeking into Noa Noa - the colours and the headpieces are so you!!!
Enjoy this month xxx

mollycupcakes said...

Awww I hope you honey has a lovely birthday this year too, what cake you making this time?
I just love your gorgeous blog and etsy shop. Do you every make anything with birds or eggs on?

Catherine x

clarabelle said...

Lovely blog, I have just started blogging and now wonder around finding ones I like reading - yours will definately get added to my list. Love the cats...such cute photo's (even the blurry ones) :)
Thanks for a nice evening's reading

platinum blonde said...

these are beautiful photos, love your blog!