15 February 2008


a friday at home
+ a chance to do some sewing
whilst listening to this
(shari...it made me think of you!)

paperwhites + pussy willow
in a bottle
on my desk
every time i glance at them
i can't get over how pretty they are

this is my new rita skirt
another curtain creation : )
the lacy pockets remind me of eyelashes
i liked how it turned out
so i may make another for my shop

off now to chop wood for this evening
it's going to be another chilly one here
but there's talk of nice weather coming
+ i hope to get out to my neglected garden!

enjoy your weekend whatever you get up to


bizelily said...

Hi there Nesty,
Brilliant use of your Friday, I love the look of your rita skirt, eyelashes and all! Have a good weekend
love Bizelily x

Anonymous said...

nice day off. chopping wood reminds me of my (rather dangerous) childhood - how i miss an open fire xx
ps. thankyou for your compliments on my photos&patterns xx

clarabelle said...

nice skirt! We have recently renovated and put in open fires, so lovely when the evenings are cold. I also have the same plan to get out onto the garden and make the most of the forecasted sun at the weekend... might just need a thick jumper and a scarf!
Enjoy your weekend
Clare xx

shari said...

hi kelly.

your skirt is so cute. i have the podcast bookmark and i haven't listened yet. will try to do so this weekend. i bet i will love it. xox

Gigibird said...

When I was in a White Stuff outlet shop today bing tempted by a row of skirts I said to Stella that I thought the ones you make for yourself out of old curtains were just as nice:) and seeing todays wonderful offering even nicer:):)

madrekarin said...

Love that skirt. Totally cute!
My craft room is named Rita, after my grandmother!

mollycupcakes said...

Gorgeous skirt and loving the pussy willow.
Have a great weekend.

Catherine x

Anonymous said...

I found you through Treefall and am loving your blog. Hope to read more often.....

Beautiful skirt!

Two Crofters said...

make skirts and pop them in your shop!
they are always lovely and todays is wonderful.
t x

julie said...

Gorgeous gorgeous flowers..the pale yellow is so pretty. And another curtain skirt - so lovely!! Were you in the Sound of Music by any chance? :)
Hope youre enjoying your weekend Kelly xxx

Babelfish said...

Beautiul flowers and a wonderful skirt, love it (such a fabulous shape).

ambika said...

Adore the skirt. The colors are so perfect for the weather.

And the pictures below are making me hungry.

Florence said...

I love the skirt - it is gorgeous. I am not seeing the eyelash resemblance...but love that you do! x

belleandboo said...

what a pretty skirt & I love all your frosty photos.