10 March 2008


loving these delicate colours
+ enjoying the ritual in preparing healthy feasts

taking some quiet time
cosy indoors with my friend mr b

whilst the stormy rain
beats on the windows


Primrose Hill said...

Your Mr. B looks just like our Miss Lexie, she's a very friendly little lady!

Hope you haven't been hit too hard by the storm.

Lisa x

babelfish said...

Beautiful shots of the everyday.

Ali said...

Wonderful photos, especially those cat feet!

Gigibird said...

I am just off to poach an egg:) oh, and look for a cat to cuddle.....might have to settle with a damp spaniel

mollycupcakes said...

Yummy egg on toast, whats the drink?
The cat photo looks very funny, can't workout which part of Mr B it is lol

At first I thought it was his bum hehe!

Catherine x

Joanna Goddard said...

beautiful photos.

Stella said...

ah, mr b - everyone should have one;)

Florence said...

Oh, how I love those sweet tabby paws. x

bizelily said...

Hi Nesty
Mr B has got rabbit feet .... so sweet! Thank him for being kind to Freddie Pumpkin! love bizelily xx

julie said...

Good ideas for all - love these photos Kelly. xxx

clarabelle said...

Mr B look so like Bilbo. He has been a little more cuddly than usual in the cold weather.
Glad you are back and I loved the photo's in the last post, mixed subjects but that's life isn't it?
Take Care
Clare x

Gillian L. said...

I love your photographs...especially those wonderful cat feet!


Sarah said...

oh, I just love the photos! Can't tell you how much I like those cat feet, or the colours in all of the photos!

Yoli said...

Love those little kitty feet!