26 March 2008


i can't help but notice that the gaps between my posts are getting bigger these days...the words fewer too...so i've decided to take some time away from this space. only a little interval but just so's i can free up my feelings + come back when spring is in full sprint + i have more focus.

thank you for all the lovely comments that you leave for me...i've become particularly bad at responding to them but each + every one really makes my day.

see you back here soon...xxx


julie said...

Hugs Kelly. We will be here waiting


Florence said...

I hope you have a lovely time away and that you get up to lots of whatever things make you happy. Take care, Kelly. x

marta said...

enjoy your li'l vaca away. you'll be missed. you deserve a little break. enjoy. and p.s. i LOVE that dress.

clarabelle said...

Cute dress. Have a restful break, and I hope you take some time to do things that make you smile!
Look forward to seeing you again when you are ready
Take Care
Clare x

mollycupcakes said...

I'll miss you hun. Have a nice time to think and reflect. Looking forward to your return.


Catherine x

babelfish said...

I love the polka dot dress, full of springy goodness...take care, we wait patiently.

Felicia said...

Enjoy your break :)

porter hovey said...

Just love the dress. Adorable!

Boracay beach hotel said...

What a very lovely dress. I am pretty sure that fits to me. LOL!!!