18 June 2006

Saturday started with baking for me & I made these cuties from Nigella's Forever Summer recipe....very tasty & plenty for sharing so I took some over to my Grandad G who had a birthday yesterday! I use Nigella's books all the time. However I tend to forget to check out her website but it's refreshed my memory now I'm writing this and it's worth taking a peek....includes some of her recipes plus more from anyone who wants to contribute and feedback forums on how things turn out. This particular recipe isn't listed but her basic cupcake one is and all you need to change is the vanilla extract for lemon extract and also to use lemon juice with the royal icing. I'd definitely recommend getting the book though....it's full of yummy ice creams and summery drinks as well as loads of barbeque and salad recipes....I'm drooling now so lets move on!
Had a lovely visit to my Grandparents and then next door to see my Aunt & Uncle and cousin Sophie who was back for the weekend. A spontaneous afternoon drop-in which led to much talking, a scrummy dinner and finished with fantastic slide show of their recent holiday to Kenya....funny how an hour can turn into six! Always lovely to be in their company & we're hoping to make a trip to Brighton this summer now to stay with Sophie:)
p.s. My Eiffel Tower Toile fabric from ebay arrived today....mmmm....looking forward to making a new skirt for our hoilday & having leftovers for other projects which of course I'll be reporting back on! And even more exciting....the postman delivered my mail order #3 from angry chicken and is full of lots of crafty goodies....hooray!


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