21 June 2006


If only there was a way to really describe how these look and smell....they are just so beautiful and brought to me from lovely Mum from the peony field in Norfolk. This is where we cut them for my wedding and each year we're enjoying revisiting what feels like our secret field and the nice lady it belongs to. I've now got 2 plants in the garden (both from Mum - she spoils me!) and hope they'll bloom like these around our anniversary in June for years to come. Their perfume is so delicate and now these ones are getting so open and blousey the sitting room is full to the ceiling with scent....v nice to come home to....I just hope they'll last me a week!

Work is BUSY as I'm about to take 2 weeks holiday and I'm getting brain strain trying to organise things for the time I'm gone....not much time for crafty stuff but I'd love to try and make myself somthing new to take away with me, even if it's just a cuff! Will definitely make my brother & his girlfriend a Happy New Home card as they are starting their move up to Norfolk today. Must think of a nice housewarming gift to make too....may have to wait until back from hols though, sorry Ben!

angry chicken has some really inspiring posts at the moment....it's making me want to drop everything and join in with the fun but too much of the day job to do this week. When I'm back though I'm really going to spend some quality time with my sewing machine!! Looking forward to sketching around Italy to keep the creative juices flowing and taking lots of photos along the way. This time next week we'll be arriving in Venice....can't wait!

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Dee said...

Peonies are one of my favourite flowers. What a lovely idea to have them as your wedding flower!