26 June 2006


We have Ciaran's sister Marian & her hubby Louis arriving today....they're staying with us for a few days before we all fly to Italy on Wednesday for a hoilday together. It's Louis' birthday tomorrow so I baked a cake this morning for him. From my trusty Nigella Lawson cookbook Forever Summer, it's my first attempt so fingers crossed it actually tastes ok!! My Mum has tried it out before so here's hoping mine's a success too....I'm certainly pleased with how it looks from the outside! Strawberry Meringue Cake....it has a layer of sponge and meringue top and bottom with fresh cream and strawberries sandwiched between....and flaked almonds too....what's not to taste yum?!
Being a busy bee getting the house in order today....it's the first time that Marian & Louis have visited us here so they'll be getting the tour....then everything can go back to the normal mess, hee hee!
Planning to take them to have a look around Cambridge tomorrow which is always a treat....other than that we have nice food, drinks and chatter in-store until we fly to Venice. Oh....and I've got to pack!!!! So best get to it before they arrive....I have a pile of ironing to get through and some outfit choosing too. Shame on me I haven't made anything new to take but I've got some lovely things to wear in my wardrobe and what better excuse than a week in Italy?
Will be back soon with lots of travel tales & piccies to share. xxx

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