08 July 2006


Home from the holiday....we had such a lovely time! Boy it was hot though and so much ice cream and sun cream needed. In a wimpish way I'm going to make this a short entry so's I can tackle the mountain of washing in our suitcases. I always hated packing but can officially state that unpacking rates higher on my list of dislikes!!

I'm feeling happy to be home again having had a break with laughs aplenty and sights to inspire. Glad to see Bosco on our return and check in with loved ones again. Our garden looks scarily sunburnt as it's been scorching in England too but all's surviving. There's runner beans to be picked and sweet peas blooming which is exciting.
So off now to do the dreaded laundry and watch some more World Cup. Will be back soon with more tales and general ramblings!

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