17 July 2006


Some lovely purchases from my recent holiday. I made a beeline for Il Papiro when I was in Venice having discovered it's joys when I was there on honeymoon 2 years ago. If you can imagine a place that is stationery heaven then stepping into this shop is living the dream! The K initial business cards that I bought first time round have been preciously used and I must have been so stingy that I still have half the box left!! So on my latest trip I've come away with some new delights....a box of P initial business cards for my Mum (who would LOVE the shop and possibly take up full time residence!)....some K initial postcards....and the sweetest little New Baby Girl card (I have no particular recipient in mind but sure one will come along!)....oh and Ciaran bought himself a pencil to do his Sudoku with! Hee hee! They have quite a few stores and I'd recommend anyone with a lust for all things papery to seek one out....and lucky for us all they have a website too.

Amongst all the other amazing shops in Italy I have another favourite called ethic. Again, I made my first purchases there on honeymoon, as did Ciaran, hence my return this time around. Lots of lovely clothes/accessories for Women & Men plus the Florence store (which has a v different/cool layout) has a whole range of Homeware/Music too. I got myself 2 tops and the fabric bead necklace above in the Rome shop on our last day in Italy....so I came home a very Happy Shopper indeed!

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