20 July 2006


Another holiday beckons for me and I'm really looking forward to it. This will be my 4th year on the Landscape Painting Course in Norfolk which I go along to with my arty partner in crime (MUM) and it's always a lovely week. My Mum has probably been going for 7 years (?) & it's run by the same tutor she has at her weekly LEA art class, Bob Larking. We visit a different location every day (wonderful places like Cley next the Sea and Felbrigg Hall & everyone does their own thing be it sketching with biro (ME)....to pen & watercolour (MUM)....to oil on canvas (BRAVER ARTISTS!) Me & Mum are very inspired by the artist Sue Lewington and we've bought some new books this year from ebay to keep us enthusiastic. I'm definately going to use more colour this year....that's about my only objective, apart from enjoying the experience....& it's impossible not to!

It's actually a very theraputic week....it's great to be outdoors all day, meeting different people, quality time with Mum & just a whole world away from the day job. I'm hoping to have some good thinking time whilst I'm up there regarding my day job as I got some bad news this week....I may be facing redundancy in the next few weeks. A very scary prospect as I've been working in the same business since I graduated in1998....where do I go from here I wonder? Let's hope that it could be a blessing in disguise....still I'm in a bit of a panic mode at the moment so some time in the Norfolk countryside will help.

Anyways, enough of my little weepy-time....here's a few doodles from my sketchbook last year....all very countryfied....funny chickens, dairy farms and gorgeous cottages. I'm going to have a bundle of lovely stuff, thoughts and photos to share next week....creativity here I come!

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