28 August 2006


Day after flowers & some retail therapy was in order....me & Mum forced ourselves (hee hee!) to go into Norwich for a look round the shops. Our 1st port of call was Primark (aka Prida) for some bargains & as usual we managed to find a few amongst the v untidy piles/racks....joined an enormous queue to pay....then skipped with our bags out on to the street for an ice cream :)

I stretched the usual budget by paying £8 for this lovely print blouse which is so vintagey....has pretty puff sleeves, pleated front & gathered back....oh & nice new smell! I'm going to wear it with a tank top when it gets a bit cooler in the autumn or maybe over a long sleeved tee?

To counterbalance the overspend I picked up a v sweet jacket at £3....yes £3!! I've already worn this & am thinking of putting a little trim around the hem & some ties at the front. Last of all I got the dress....palest mint green polka on brown, the scrummiest of colour combinations....shame it's not the greatest fit on (didn't try it on in the shop) but all's not lost....I'm thinking of reincarnation....maybe appliqued on a tee or used as a bag lining.

Always a gem to be found there & on the verge of being jobless I don't feel too guilty with my total spend at £16. Back with more news on what I'm doing next soon. I now know my finish date (8 September) so not long to go.

Nice to be back & catch up on all my favourite blog reads. I've converted to Blogger Beta now & seem to be getting on ok (?!) so hope to make a few developments to NESTY in the next few days. x


Anonymous said...

Hi Nesty,
How fab is that blouse? Your shopping skills are excellent,must've had a good trainer!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign off!

love bizelily

Lynn said...

There's a saying, when one door closes another one opens - you won't be jobless for ever, £20 squid on a bit of retail therapy is pretty harmless.


hello bizelily...you know that the shopping gene lives on in me :) xx

thanks for the support lynn...hope i find that next door soon! x

Shari said...

hi kelly!

i love your finds. i think the jacket is so so cute and such a great price. i also like the blue blouse. whenever the season changes, i always feel the urge to do a bit of clothes shopping. xo shari

Anonymous said...

Hi Nesty Kelly-I really love what you are doing and think you are fab! Have been a big fan for well over 10 years-15 in fact!!

I am still, however, recovering from an experience of being a moody model in the style of Portishead Dummy in the grim bath of Cavendish halls!!

Yes, it's me Hili Bell-please email me as I have lost all my numbers in my phone and wanted to catch up with you!
ps: we a finally getting hitched this summer-would love for you guys to be there!
Much love to you both hxx