27 August 2006


Apologies to my neglected blog....I have been away for a few days to stay in Norfolk & take part in a Flower Festival at a local church along with my Mum & Aunt Rosemary. My Mum has been flower arranging for years & is involved with the club who organised the event to raise funds for the church. I had said yes to doing an arrangement (my FIRST ever) back at the end of June....as the date neared though I got v nervous & began to wonder why I'd ever said I'd do it! Anyways I now smile over why I got so worked up at the prospect....I had a really lovely day, met such sweet people & it was a great learning experience watching those who know what they're doing :)

The theme was Rose Names....mine was Cleopatra. Mum did a couple & was super-organised in her preparations....pics here of her Charles Rennie Mackintosh arrangement which was fab (all props made too)....she also did a stunning Christian Dior & Princess Diana. There's obviously rules to this arranging malarkey....whereas mine was the "just bung it in & see" approach, I learned a lot from seeing how Mum & Rosemary put theirs together....so next time I'll hopefully tackle it in a new way.

Rosemary's theme was Laura Ashley & it worked out really well. Very English Country Garden with lovely props including a blackbird, trug and a dainty cup & saucer with a little bit of tea in the bottom which someone cleared away by accident :) but then replaced with a chuckle when we realised what had happened! (I actually think it'd gone awol when I took this photo!)

There were about 30 arrangements all in all & the church was full of flowers. Over the Bank Holiday Weekend they'll hopefully have had lots of visitors & raised some money to carry on with renovations. A variety of people sponsored arrangements in memory of loved ones which enabled the cost of the flowers to be covered.

So to sum up, it was an enriching experience both creatively and socially & so nice as always to spend girlie time with Mum and Rosemary too!


Anonymous said...

Well done on your first flower arrangment, a lovely mix of exotic colours very nicely put together!

love bizelily x


hello mum! thanks for making me a part of the flower club for a day :) hope i can improve next time...lovely to take part in it together. xx