21 August 2006


I watched a lovely French film called A Common Thread (Brodeuses) - which I'd recommend to any fan of foreign films & even those who don't do subtitles....it really is a visual feast.

One of those nice slow & gentle films (though not long) and the main actress is a joy to behold....for one thing she has the most amazing red hair & wears lots of green :)

Beautiful embroidery plays a big part in the storyline & it's a real inspiration. So if you're stuck for something to rent I don't think you can be disappointed with this dvd!


Shari said...

oh this film looks lovely! thanks for sharing. i really like films that move slowly and let you just take in all of the beauty. xo shari

kelly said...

oh, that sounds great, I will look forward to renting that one, thanks for the tip.


hello shari & kelly!

hope that you enjoy the film...let me know what you think. i took it as a recommendation from another blog i stumbled across a while back.

i'm sure you'll love it! x

julie said...

i also saw and posted about this charming film not long ago!!!