21 August 2006


Having a little go at uploading a photo for my profile!

....hmmm....not sure if this works on such a small scale....

May try another one!

This is my next option....my favourite peonies....with a kind of nesty theme!


Lynn said...

Can you sign up for Beta Blogger yet? A friend tells me it's so much easier to "fiddle" with templates etc. I've yet to try.
Hearts are lovely.

Kristen said...

very sweet brown gingham and hearts!

Shari said...

i really like the hearts too!

nesty said...

thanks for the comments!

lynn - i've just tried my luck with beta blogger...i'm confused though already! it looks like i now have 2 blogs? must read up on what to do...like the possibilities it offers in terms of colours, layout etc!

kristen & shari - glad you like the hearts...i may have a go at putting something else on my profile pic soon...this was a kind of practise run!