09 September 2006


Today we went to my Grandma C's birthday party. The honour had been bestowed upon me to make The Birthday Cake....no worries....I love baking! So this morning I set to with trusty Nigella to guide me....I had decided on her recipe for Coconut Cake (never made before....alarm bells should have been ringing by now!)

Up early with all ingredients to hand I got going & had the 2 sandwich tins in the oven by 10am. Cooked & set out to cool I then got into catching up with my brother Ben who had driven down for the party. Oh dear....when I came to assemble the cake later & decorate it I realised that it didn't look quite cooked through on the base....back in the oven it went & to cut a long story short I served up pieces of it to the guests feeling just awful at how it had turned out. As far as the photo above goes....well all I can say is that looks can be deceiving! But enough of bad baking....the party was good :)

Our lovely family all together. We played croquet, boules & all had a go at breaking the pinata. Lots of party food which everyone had made & brought along. Catching up on everyone's news & generally enjoying sitting outside with drinks flowing. As everyone has gotten older & some moved further away it was very special all to be in the same place. It was a gorgeous day & the sky was full of different clouds....we even spotted a rainbow.

Home by early evening & collapsed on the sofa. Must be a better cook tomorrow!! x


bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

I love soggy cake!!!

love bizelily x

Gigibird said...

cakes are such temperamental creatures - a trial of course is always advisable, but let's face it who has the time and inclination?
Have you ever used Marry Berry? I know she's probably considered a bit old school but I have found her recipes to be virually foolproof - another special cake tip - make a common or garden sponge and use home made lemon curd in it - never fails in this neck of the woods:)

nesty said...

thanks mum! you have to say that :)

dear lynn, lemon curd sounds divine...i should have gotten your advice pre-party!! i'm going to check out mary berry...i'm always on the lookout for new recipes & old school can only be good! i'll dedicate a future better-cake-post to you when i'm back in the baking groove. x