05 September 2006


C "what time is it?"
K "1/4 to 7"
C "what time's the alarm set for?"
K "what time do you want it set for?"
C "1/4 to 8"
K "ok. love you, see you tonight"
C "drive safely. love you too"

This has been our Tuesday morning conversation word for word for a good while now. I get up at 6am, get dressed, have a hot drink, make packed breakfast for me/lunches for us....then creep back into our bedroom to say cheerio to C before heading off to work on a 250 mile round road trip. Today when the 1/4 to 6am (my) alarm went off it was still dark....this is a major change from just the week before. The summer mornings have been quite a pleasure to get up early for but today looked different....autumn's here methinks....but it's not a worry because today was the last Tuesday drive.

It was sad saying farewell to my friends at work....I'll chat to them on the phone for the rest of the week when we're all working from home but today was the last chance for a proper goodbye hug! We ate cakes galore with tea & coffee....did the usual work thing that we always do....and had laughs, photos & even a preview from Fee of her new outfit for her brother's wedding!! I'm almost on the last day of disco....I'm going to miss working with such lovely folk but I know I'll keep in touch with them so it's not all glum.


shari said...

hi kelly!!

sounds like a fine way to spend a last day at work: cakes, coffee, tea and laughter. congrats on your last "official" day although i'm sure it was bittersweet. here's to new pathways!! xox shari
ps: your blouse is so so cute.

julie said...

To new times ahead and some good friendships...:)

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,

the pics brought a lump to my throat but I just know that the future for you is very bright and still sparkly!

love bizelily x

Gigibird said...

The people you work with are like family, so it's natural you're feel sad.
And as Shari says it is a pretty blouse.......