13 September 2006


Today is my Grandma C's birthday....she's my maternal grandmother & I'm sure she won't mind me saying that she's 77 today....here's a few things that I think of when I think of her, Mary....

happy holidays spent in england
(see above....that's me downing the pop!)
cosy stripey flanelette bedding
her gold swallow earrings
fidgi perfume
her love of clothes....& of bargains!
good baking....especially her famous crumbles
walks amongst the fallen leaves
very neat handwriting
milky coffee
musicals....especially calamity jane
ballroom dancing
her amazing talent for knitting
oil of ulay (& of olay....but most of all ulay!)
autumnal colours
her love of her family


julie said...

Happy 77th Grandma C!! Lovely list and i love the bottam picture of her!

bizelily said...

Hi nesty,
your list of grandma memories is just lovely,
bizelily x

Grandma C said...

Dear Nesty,
That was one of my favourite skirts, I loved that beach!

love Grandma C

Gigibird said...

It's wonderful you have such a great relationship with your Gran. I had a lovely Granny; treasure every moment with her.

Abigail said...

Happy birthday Grandma C!!:D

I love the last picture of her by the beach....so beautiful xx

Shari said...

such a beautiful tribute to your grandma. i adore the bottom photo. xo shari

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Grandma! what a beautiful post, made me think so much of my own grandma who means so very much to me. Lovely to see such love between you.

kelly said...

That "anonymous" post was me, kelly, but for some reason, blogger never lets me comments on your posts if I use my sign in name? sorry!

gracia said...

A beautiful sequence of photos... especially the middle one for me.
see you, grache